Case Study: How Rage Coffee became a part of the thriving cryptocurrency conversations online

Rage Coffee

As part of the campaign, Rage Coffee initiated conversations around its very own cryptocurrency, The Rage Coin through in an attempt to leverage the uptick of conversations around the subject to drive chatter around the brand.

Aimed at young and tech-savvy Indians, the social media campaign by Rage Coffee put the spotlight on the trending conversations in the cryptocurrency space including Bitcoins. As everyone discussed the dip in cryptocurrency, the brand entered the conversation through a buzz campaign and an immersive AR experience.

Brand Introduction

Rage Coffee is a plant-based vitamin coffee brand. It is ISO, FSSAI, GMP, and HACCP certified. The D2C brand has so far expanded its offline network from 5 to 20 distributors, 4 CFAs, covering 600+ offline touchpoints across India. Currently, Rage Coffee is present in India, USA & EU markets. In the long run, the brand aims to be the biggest coffee brand out there.


The current online conversation is abuzz with the trends of cryptocurrency, where from regular meme pages to investors everyone is discussing the “Dip”. This dip in the value of Bitcoin has taken over the internet opening a robust discussion around safe investment options. More and more people are jumping over the wagon and discovering the intricacies of the blockchain network.

The brand objective was to challenge the current cryptocurrencies, creating buzz but in the end, do something regular that Rage Coffee has been doing for a long time – Giveaways & contests.

Problem Statement/Objective

Rage Coffee has been growing y-o-y. Leveraging performance marketing, the brand has possibly reached out to all its potential audience at least once. With new brands coming in, it became crucial to re-strategize & build the brand re-call value while associating well with the newer audience too.

The brand’s objective was to create a fresh brand persona in the minds of those who’ve been already targeted & create brand awareness among the audience’s peers.


The brief was pretty clear – to keep doing simple things but bring in innovation time-to-time. With this new campaign #RageCoinByRageCoffee, the brand wanted to simply build another fun contest to engage with the audience & make sure to reach maximum.

Creative Idea

Cryptocurrencies have been trending for quite a long time. All cryptocurrencies had their roller coaster ride & still seems to be riding, getting triggered either by Elon Musk’s tweets or maybe China banning the Bitcoin or probably panic buying/selling. It’s uncertain as always.

While these cryptocurrencies touching their lows Rage Coffee planned to come up with this Rage Coin that never dips. The brand had no plans to actually launch crypto but simply build an AR filter contest.

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Cryptocurrency is more than being just a trend. It’s an investment option that the force looks at positively. Thus, it’s given that the conversations around cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, are not limited to any single platform but one can easily find the crypto community being active, building convos all across social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Keeping the trend in mind Rage Coffee decided to create a conversation around & plan this campaign in 4 phases:

Phase I: Pre-Buzz

Rage Coffee’s team planned on starting the campaign by releasing content that built anticipation in the audience about the launch of the Rage Coin. The pre-buzz panned out for a period of 6-7 days and formed the base for the third phase, where the brand planned to unravel how to get hands-on the Rage Coin.

Phase II: Build Up

A few tweets were sent out to various Cryptocurrency Investors and challenged them to make the coin dip. The idea was to see people come across these tweets & create a conversation around themselves.

Phase III: Reveal

In this phase Rage Coffee released the AR Filter and various guidelines for the giveaway. The AR Filter was essentially a game in which one could collect the Rage Coin, 3 top winners who successfully collected the most Rage Coins were given a year’s worth of Rage Coffee for free.

Phase IV: Winner Announcement

The campaign concluded with the announcement of the top 3 Rage Coffee Goodie Winners.


Here’re the numbers representing different metrics gained through the AR Game Filter:

  • Unique Reach: 397,900
  • Opened: 12,263
  • Participation: 4,751


Bharat Sethi, Founder of Rage Coffee said, “The intent of the campaign was to indulge in interactive, engaging conversations around the cryptocurrency and Bitcoins and pique our consumer’s interest which we have managed to do successfully. #RageCoinByRageCoffee was even trending on Twitter! We’re now excited to see the kind of participation we receive from our loyal customers.”