Marketing A Heist: The Netflix way…

Money Heist 5 marketing strategy

As Money Heist, Season 5 releases, we take a look at its marketing strategy that commenced with the ‘Join The Resistance’ tagline back in 2017. A look at the marquee marketing tactics in place before one of the biggest releases of the season for Netflix…

From the tagline of ‘Join the Resistance’ coined back in 2017 to the ominous ‘The heist will come to an End’ in 2020, the La Casa De Papel seems to have taken the world by storm with its storyline and characters. Money Heist Season 4 brought 65 million on the platform within 4 weeks of the release. The show was among the Top 10 releases on the platform across markets, making the Money Heist season 5 release and marketing, an integral milestone in Netflix’s 2021 plan. We break down the prominent elements of its marketing strategy that are in line with the typical Netflix communication experience.

Fundamentals Of Movie Marketing

For the release of the new season, Netflix has ticked all the checkboxes of a movie marketing strategy – right from teasers, date announcements, memes, character introductions, and moment marketing – Money Heist Season 5 has dedicated posts for every level of the communication funnel.

For instance, Netflix announced the Season 5 release date on May 24th, 2021, this was followed by a teaser and then the trailer release.

India Centric Marketing

In India, Netflix has been promoting Money Heist aggressively and is releasing the show in multiple languages. To promote the same, the brand released a campaign for the India market.

Conceptualized by CreativelandAsia, the platform launched a multi-starrer Money Heist anthem video of ‘Jaldi Aao’, a seemingly Indian version of ‘Bella Ciao’, featuring Anil Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Vikrant Massey, Shruti Hassan, Rana Daggubati, amongst others, enacting their favorite characters.

Apart from significant brand placements since Season 1 of the series such as the presence of Estrella Galicia beer, automobile brands like Nissan and Citroen, Money Heist Season 5 witnessed Pepsi and Netflix collaborate to celebrate the show’s premiere with its latest campaign.

The digital film features Tiger Shroff who is on a mission to search for the missing golden cans, released for commemorating season 5 of the show. The co-branded cans feature prominent series elements for brand recall and mass reach.

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Further, taking the fandom ahead, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) paid a tribute to the series with a collaboration with Ananya Pandey. As part of the activity, the customary BSE bell was rung by fans donned in the iconic red jumpsuits and Dali masks, which was followed by a money shower.

Leading the pack of the fans was Ananya Pandey, hiding beneath one of the Dali masks. After surprising everyone with her reveal, the actor watched a short exclusive preview of the Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1.

As part of its strategy, Netflix attempted to recreate Rio and Tokyo’s look with Siddharth Kerkar and Larrisa DSA. The platform also released several social media engagement posts such as comparing Money Heist 5 with cult Indian movies such as Hera Pheri for humor and fun.

A Jaipur-based agency announced an official holiday during its release appreciating its employees for their dedicated efforts during the pandemic in WFH scenarios, gifting them with a much-needed break with a ‘Netflix & Chill, Holiday’ on the day of Money Heist 5 release.

Netflix responded to the initiative exclaiming, “We had our “bank work” excuse ready for our boss but this is fantastic!”

Content Assets

A number of snackible content assets were created around the show – ranging from Professor and Berlin discussing the end of the show to Netflix’s version of Tokyo Olympics – all content pieces have watch value, individual of the show’s storyline.

Reading Tweets

Tokyo Olympics

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Money Heist: The Experience

Netflix collaborated with Fever to co-produce an in-person experience/event across 5 global cities including London, New York, Paris, Mexico City, and Miami for both, newcomers and fans

As it commences in Miami, the website suggests how the Participants will be recruited into the gang by the character Lisboa for a series of heists on international targets.

Post the event, the participants/attendees can even hang out in the themed bars with appetizers and merchandizers, highlights reports. The on-ground experience is adapted to each of the cities, to mark its return across the world.

Red hues, Salvador Dali masks, on-ground event, and content marketing – the Money Heist 5 marketing strategy does justice to the grand reception the show has received and manages to keep the intrigue for the new season alive.