Mimi Marketing Strategy treads on the lines of debunking surrogacy taboos

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Jul 30, 2021 05:46 IST
Mimi marketing strategy

As Netflix's recent release, Mimi battles through the stereotypes around surrogacy, we take a deeper look at the movie's marketing strategy where makers attempt to address the issue with Kriti Sanon in the lead.

Touted to be a laugh-a-riot, Mimi revolves around the subject of surrogacy and taboos surrounding the topic and so does its marketing strategy with Kriti Sanon in the lead.

Directed by Laxman Utekar and produced by Dinesh Vijan, Jio Cinemas, and Maddock Films, Mimi movie boasts of a stellar cast with Kriti in the titular role, Pankaj Tripathi, Supriya Pathak, amongst others. Post an online leak, the movie was released four days before its official release date of 30th July on Netflix.

As Mimi navigates through the uncertain path of motherhood through surrogacy in the film, we take a deeper look into its marketing strategy and campaigns by TheSmallBigIdea.

Building Curiosity: Announcement Poster

It started with an announcement poster for the film as the makers did not announce the theme of the movie, immediately. Attempting to establish the movie theme as ‘something unexpected and extraordinary’, instead, they announced the movie with a question mark and Sanon’s face. 

Mimi Motion Posters

Taking it a step further, the marketers then introduced Mimi’s motion posters in an adorable manner, depicting the journey of motherhood and shedding light on the theme of the movie with Mimi, the mommy.

While the marketing agency attempted to balance the humor on one hand and something as intense as surrogacy on the other, TheSmallBigIdea spokesperson, said, "There was a lot of speculation surrounding the genre of the film. So, we decided to build curiosity around it with an overarching theme of #NothingLikeWhatYoureExpecting."


Countdown Posts: Trailing The Trailer

Continuing to leverage the curiosity around the theme, the makers shared an array of countdown posts, teasing the trailer of the movie.

Trailer launch

Vijan and Jio Studios released the trailer of the movie on 13th July 2021.

Character Introductions

Apart from the movie theme, Mimi largely focuses on the characters and their quirks. To highlight the eccentricities capped with humor, the marketers launched the character introduction posts across social platforms.

Introducing Bhanu


Meet Mimi


Song Releases & Challenges

Leveraging the popularity of song releases and contests that follow, Mimi marketing strategy involved song challenges for audience engagement and mass reach. Composed by A.R Rahman, the movie has released many song numbers such as Param Sundari, Rihaayi De, and more which were weaved in the social media communication.

Param Sundari

#ParamSundari Challenge

This challenge entails the participants performing the hook step from the song to get a chance to be featured on the makers’ and actors’ Instagram pages.

Rihaayi De

Dance and song covers are quite prevalent and liked by music enthusiasts. With the ‘Rihaayi De’ song release, Mimi urged people to hit the right notes with the cover versions of this song. The best ones get featured on Sony Music India’s page, paving the way for song rendition challenges.

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Behind-The-Scenes And Engagement

To showcase the transformation of Mimi along with the crazy family, the star cast shared behind-the-scene glimpses of crucial moments from the film and its making.

Mimi's Before Vs After Transformation


Fam Jam

Engaging Audiences: This or That ft. Mimi

Kriti Sanon On Twitter

Taking the lead for promotions, Sanon changed her Twitter handle name to Kriti MIMI Sanon with the official movie posters as the cover image while redirecting the users to the Instagram page.


Leveraging Live Features & Tools

In a bid to reach more people and combat the online leak head-on, the actors, music team, and the makers leveraged social media Live features to interact with the audience, at each of the steps of the Mimi official release.

Highlighting digital to be the best medium to reach out to people, in these times, the agency spokesperson shared, "Instagram works the best and the neo-socials are building a formidable ecosystem around it. We use our homegrown tool ACE, which helps in content analytics to push the content that is most favorable for the audience."

Live Interaction: Kriti Sanon & Pankaj Tripathi

Post the trailer launch, the lead actors went Live on Instagram to connect with the viewers and dole out details about the movie.

Live With A.R Rahman

Another high point seemed the music numbers by A.R Rahman. The makers leveraged this opportunity to bring the global icon to interact with the fans in real-time through Instagram Live post the song releases

Announcing #Mimi Streaming Now

As the movie hit Jio Cinemas and Netflix on 26th July 2021, Kriti went Live to usher in and give that extra push to people to catch Mimi streaming on Netflix India and Jio Cinemas.

Pankaj Tripathi & Bhanu Reactions

In a bid to tickle the funny bones while leveraging the eminent expressions of Pankaj Tripathi, the makers also released ‘Bhanu Reactions’ from the movie.

Content Marketing

To keep the buzz alive, Mimi roped in influencers such as Dolly Singh, Ashish Chanchlani, Mythpat, amongst others for outreach and engagement. This involved leveraging relatable and humorous moments from the movie, acting challenges, interacting with the stars, and highlighting surrogacy as the subject.

Why Do Parents Treat still Treat us like Kids ft. Dolly Singh

Rant by Rebel Kid


Mimi garnered mixed to positive reviews from the viewers and the film fraternity, alike across the socioverse.

To Sum it Up

With a minimalistic approach and the tried and tested tactics, Mimi leveraged the latest social media tools and features to reach more viewers while battling the issue of piracy 

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