4 tips from Instagram on Reels creation

Kasha Mishra
Oct 01, 2021 04:30 IST
Instagram Reels

Here are key takeaways from the Creator Day India as experts share their views on how to master Instagram Reels through equipments, aesthetics, and algorithm awareness.

Neerja Parikh, Head Of Content, Creator 21; Vidhi Gandhi, Head of Design, Creator 21, and creator Jissa Paul, talk about noteworthy content creation tips for Instagram Reels. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into putting up aesthetic, engaging, and trending content. The Reels Editing Masterclass took the emerging content creators through a must-haves checklist for content that reaches a wide user base of Instagram.

Here are our takeaways from what they had to say:

1. Equipment & Filters

Basic equipment like a ring light, tripod, and gimbal can make a content creator self-sufficient and help the video stand out with a professional look. For better resolution and aesthetics in the video, creators can also use equipment like pink and colorful lights, sunset lamps, backdrop rolls, and wallpaper.

Creators can also apply Instagram filters to their videos. These filters are easy to use and give an artistic touch to the content. 42K, Golden hour, Vintage vibes, Favs, 8mm camera are some of the trending and most-used filters by the content creators on the platform.

2. Importance Of Text In Videos

The use of texts in videos or Reels helps the creator send out their message clearly and shed light on what is important. Using Instagram fonts is an easy job and the creator can use multiple fonts. One should be mindful about using the text as it should be short, crisp, preferably moving, and should have a center alignment. These tiny details help the creator catch their audience's attention quickly and for a longer span.

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3. Importance Of Audio

It has been observed, that sometimes audios transcend transitions and content in terms of blowing up a content creator's reach. So one should try to add original audios to their Reels. Fresh audio can help a page to blow out and gain impressions from multiple accounts.

4. Increasing Engagement

Creators need to be a bit mindful of the Instagram algorithm that helps in pushing the content to a wider audience. Tagging relevant people, using appropriate hashtags, a good cover photo, short and crisp captions in Reels are very helpful. Besides, creators should always review the aspect ratio, video resolution, and other details before posting the video.

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