Case Study: How Sony BRAVIA's Google TV integration campaign garnered 8.5Mn impressions

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Sony India undertook a social media campaign to promote Sony BRAVIA's integration with Google TV in India. The company's social media platforms engaged the binge-watchers to create a connect with the OTT audience.

With an objective to make people aware of Google TV without over-loading the users with technical jargon, Sony India aimed to highlight the advantages of Sony BRAVIA Google TV over other UI-based TVs in an interesting manner through the campaign launched across social media. The case study takes a detailed look at its execution and results.

Category Introduction

With the pandemic-induced lockdown and rise in the variety of on-demand content, India has seen rampant growth in the number of OTT subscribers and people who are actively consuming this content and came on board to appease their entertainment needs. With the shutdown of Multiplex and movie theatres, popular OTTs also became the rescuers for the Bollywood box office. People realized that TV viewing is not just a mode of entertainment now and have upscaled it to the level where people want to create a theatre-like experience at home with the right setup which led to the adoption of smarter and intelligent TVs. Seeing the rapid growth, experts feel that India is a high potential market when it comes to smart TVs.

As stated in the BCG report, the Indian video OTT market in India is expected to grow from $1.5 billion in 2021 to $4 billion in 2025 and further to $12.5 billion by 2030.

Brand Introduction

Sony India Pvt. Ltd. is the Indian subsidiary of Japan's Sony Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo. The brand is one of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers in India. Sony has its footprint across all major towns and cities in the country through a distribution network of over 20,000 dealers and distributors, 300 exclusive Sony outlets, and 25 direct branch locations. Moreover, Sony's 19 sales branches cover a total of 450 cities.

The objective is to reach out to the fans and consumers in an interesting way and with a compelling narrative that creates anticipation amongst people to find out more about the latest updates, products and offers. The brand wants to connect with the followers using real experiences, emotions and engage with them regularly to create top-of-mind recall, continued conversations, and become a part of their everyday life.

Problem Statement/Objective

With the recent trend, a lot of OTT platforms emerged in the Indian market. While it was a boon to have a gamut of on-demand content to access, users had to individually scroll through the platform to pick what to watch. Sony India identified the gap – BRAVIA Google TV, which lets users browse content from across apps, and intelligently organizes it as per one’s interest.


Interactive Avenues was briefed to create a campaign to build awareness and educate the audience about Google TV and its advantages over other UI-based TVs in an interesting manner.

Creative Idea

The idea was to get more and more people talking about the difficulty they face in content selection and consumption on OTT platforms on a day-to-day basis. Sony would then present the solution in a quiz format. The Quiz was shortlisted to highlight the multi-benefit offerings of Sony BRAVIA Google TV while keeping the audience engaged in a fun & quirky manner.


Diving into the Indian ecosystem with Google TV is a challenge on its own, considering the abundant availability of different TV UIs and the lack of technical know-how amongst the audience. The real challenge was to present the benefits of Google TV without over-loading the users with technical jargon.


  • Phase 1: Building curiosity with a series of ‘ENCRYPTED’ tweets

To build intrigue amongst the audience and to get them talking about their experience on OTT platforms, the brand published a series of ‘ENCRYPTED’ tweets without any context or reference.

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To build the conversation further with the audience:

  • Phase 2: Listening to the audience

Tweets related to the issues of picking the ‘right content’ and the “problem of plenty” amongst the OTT channels started coming in. The audience engaged with the posts and shared their experiences with the brand.

  • Phase 3: Engaging the audience with an interesting quiz

To take the conversation further and build on the tweets from the audience, the brand launched an interesting quiz with questions incorporating the issues that people are facing while selecting content on their regular Smart TVs.

  • Phase 4: Positioning the product as one stop solution

Post the quiz, the brand presented Sony BRAVIA Google TV as an ideal solution for the ‘modern-day problem’ of going through multiple OTTs to pick what to watch. With 700,000+ episodes and movies, Sony BRAVIA Google TV helps you find content from across apps in one place.



The initiative has garnered over 7,500+ conversations across social media channels, with a unique reach of around 5 Mn+ and over 8.5 Mn impressions. The campaign also led to organic trending on Twitter for #SonyBravia & #GoogleTV for about 3-4 hours. Additionally, there was an overwhelming response to the quiz contest. The brand received over 5,000+ entries for the contest.


With an organic approach, the campaign helped in engagement & community growth across social media channels meanwhile presenting the binge-watching solution which is only available on Sony BRAVIA TVs powered by Google TV in India.

CMO Quotes

Nakashima Tomohiro, Deputy Managing Director at Sony India said, “We wanted to unravel the power of Sony BRAVIA with Google TV for our customers by addressing their concerns and making their OTT content selection process and viewing experience, effortless. That is how we came up with the idea of this campaign”. He added saying, “Sony BRAVIA introduced the first televisions in India with Google TV interface with one of the best user experience/user interfaces. Our products are aimed at making life easier, convenient, and most importantly loaded with entertainment for all the binge-watchers and content consumers.”

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