Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Diwali 2021, Kerela Tourism & more

social media campaigns

Here’s to another week of social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Flipkart, Vi, Panasonic, an in-depth feature on Kerela Tourism’s strategy, brand creatives on the desi urge, Diwali 2021 campaigns, and more.

Social Media Campaigns

Flipkart Seller Hub to launch ‘Incredible Sellers, Incredible Stories’ Season 2 ft. Richa Chadha

Paying an ode to the zeal and resilient spirits of its seller community, Flipkart Seller Hub released the second season of ‘Incredible Sellers, Incredible Stories’ to be hosted by Richa Chadha. Read more here.

#LookUp: Vi’s Diwali campaign has an important message

With its latest campaign for Diwali, Vi is urging users to #LookUp from their smartphones and enjoy the auspicious occasion with their near and dear ones through real conversations that make every moment count. Read more here.

Instagram launches campaigns promoting online safety

Safe Stree and My Kanoon, the two campaigns by Instagram created in collaboration with Yuvaa, Pink Legal, We The Young, and Nyaaya aim to spread awareness about the safety features available on the platform. Read more here.

Panasonic asks users to bring a smile on children’s faces by playing a game

Staying true to their philosophy of ‘A Better Life, A Better World’, Panasonic India has launched a game for good- Panasonic Building Blocks, wherein players donate their game-play in support of the kids at the three partner NGOs.  Read more here.

In-Depth Features

Pet Pictures for Trees: Add Yours sticker goes big with crowdfunding potential

With over 4 million people using the Add Yours sticker on Instagram to post pictures of their pets to support tree plantation, the campaign has grown manifold. Read more here.

Amazon Prime Video’s Sushant Sreeram on the not-so ‘counter-intuitive’ approach for Diwali

Where brands tried to pull consumer’s attention towards the products leveraging the festive season, Amazon Prime Video asked them to stay away from the screens and celebrate ‘Apno wali Diwali’. We speak to Sushant Sreeram of Prime Video India, deep diving into the OTT major’s festive approach. Read more here.

Road’s The Way: Kerala Tourism prepares for the needs of safety-conscious travellers

With content around caravan tourism and drivecations, Kerala Tourism promotes the state’s calm and safe solitude to attract visitors. Read more here.

Sustainability Initiatives: Brands adopt an eco-friendly today for a better tomorrow

The climate has already changed and crises around the world lay wrath with undying calamities, here we outline sustainability and environment-friendly initiatives by brands contributing towards climate action as they mirror the consumers’ growing concerns towards climate change. Read more here.

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Diwali Campaigns 2021 show the light at the end of the tunnel

The long and dark tunnel seems to be nearing its end and the festival of lights represents hope and victory over the dark times; here are Diwali Campaigns 2021 synonymous with this atmosphere and render prosperity. Read more here.

Brand creatives share the urge to be desi

Not Videsi, Be Desi is the ultimate slogan for the topical trend that is getting the brand creatives to spill what the desi fellows urge. Read more here.