Over 30% of our leads come from social media: Priyanka Salot, The Sleep Company

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The Sleep Company social media strategy

With healthy sleeping at its heart, The Sleep Company claims to invest 100% of its media budget on digital. We parse through the D2C brand's social media strategy with insights from Priyanka Salot.

With a fast-paced life, a healthy, complete sleep routine has not only become a luxury but also extremely vital to handle high-pressure situations in a stressful life. To aid people to solve this problem while claiming to revolutionize sleeping through a stress-free sleep, The Sleep Company came into being in 2019. As the D2C brand brings newer technologies to enhance the customer experience with a focus on holistic health, its social media marketing becomes more pivotal for audience engagement, generating leads to final conversions and more.

As the company attempts to expand every quarter, they have also brought Anil Kapoor as the face of its campaigns to reach a broader set of audiences. Keeping social media at the heart of everything they do, we attempt to understand the Sleep Company social media strategy with the help of inputs from Priyanka Salot, Founder, The Sleep Company, and the brand’s social presence.

The Evergreen Anil Kapoor Connect

It is known that people buy many products but mattresses come as the last option in their shopping list. However, the brand shares that people spend 26 years of their lives sleeping on a mattress, and it's time to take it seriously and invest in it. This gave birth to its latest campaign starring Anil Kapoor. Salot explains, “This was the intent of the campaign – to let people rethink mattresses and make their lives more comfortable.”

Speaking about the evergreen Anil Kapoor connect, Salot shared how the actor embodies the values of the brand since the company aims to combine science and smart grid technology with fun and quirk. “With Anil Kapoor, we have been able to reach a much broader set of the audience while making them aware about our smart-grid technology. Further, the brand association is delivering higher conversions for the brand. She added that the actor has used the patented product and is user-first."

The ‘Digital’ Media Mix

Being a D2C brand calls for a significant focus on the digital media strategy. Salot points, “100% of our media spends are on digital platforms.”

The digital media strategy for the brand revolves around driving awareness and educating more Indians, especially smart shoppers about The Sleep Company. Today, the digital media mix for the brand includes - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

Highlighting Google as an essential discovery platform for the brand, she says, “We have a healthy mix on D2C channels including marketplaces such as Amazon marketplaces and social media platforms.”

All the social channels fall critical to the D2C brand.

  • Facebook: 12K+
  • Instagram: 7.7K+
  • YouTube: 9K+

More than 30% of our leads come from social media, highlights Salot. The intent is to leverage social media across the parts of the funnel - from the top end of the funnel for awareness to the bottom of the funnel to drive conversions.

The brand leverages social media for two things:

  • Reach and awareness
  • Retargeting campaigns for the interested customers

Facebook & Instagram

The brand utilizes Facebook and Instagram the most, as part of The Sleep Company social media strategy. On Instagram, Reels work very well, puts forth Salot.

"For us, video assets across Instagram and Facebook work even better than the YouTube videos", she shares. Thus, we leverage every touchpoint with specific creatives across appropriate media choices, depending on the stage of the campaign.

With blue hues in the background, The Sleep Company's social media profiles are a mix of videos and static posts that cruise through the latest memes, topicals and festivals, contests, and quiz posts.

“They also help us to reach a more premium audience while both the platforms help us to drive awareness about the brand proposition”, highlights Salot


YouTube works more towards building community, news site, and a complementary platform to the other social channels.

From notifying about Grand Sales on e-commerce platforms to amplifying an awareness campaign, YouTube works in tandem with Facebook and Instagram for the brand. At times, the Sleep Company is also seen leveraging YouTube Shorts to promote its offering through short, snackable content. 

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Communication Strategy – A Dynamic Content Play

From human personification through Live AMA posts to engagement contests, the brand believes in dynamic content, the two-way approach of communication as part of its strategy. Video creatives end up giving 50% higher conversion than a static creative, the brand shares.

Overall, communication for the brand has been two-pronged:

  • Driving the awareness about the smart grid mattress
  • Benefit communication for back pain relief and comfort

Through our communication strategy, we aim to target consumers, pan-India - our audience is new-age millennials between 30-50 years of age, highlights Salot.

The two customer sub-segments include:

  • People who are looking to buy a new house, or renovate their homes
  • 80% of people in India suffer from back pains in their lives. This is our second set of audience

Memes and Topical

Witty, contextual, and in line with brand personality and ethos, topical and meme posts form an essential part of The Sleep Company social media game to spread awareness about the product in a fun way.

Engagement Tactics- AMAs, quizzes, & more

With Ask-Me-Anything posts and engagement tactics that include quizzes and festival posts, help to enable a two-way conversation between the target audience.

Salot encapsulates their communication strategy:

  • Enabling a two-way conversation to be able to listen to the customers
  • Quizzes and memes help us to educate our customers without being clinical about the science and the innovation associated with the brand
  • Overall, the communication focuses on relevance and relatability

Content Marketing: Influencers ‘and’ Celebrities

As part of the content marketing strategy, influencers work as experts for the brand. The Sleep Company shares how influencer marketing is critical for the brand as part of expert marketing. 

“We want our influencers to test our products before endorsing them. For this, we leverage tech-influencers in alignment to the brand to educate the customers with honest reviews”, shares Salot.

For us, it is to deliver influencer campaigns as a testament to the brand performance, she adds. 

Moving forward, the brand has made influencer marketing campaigns as part of their sustenance and digital plan, to make it a continuous process throughout the year. They deploy a strategy to involve both celebrities and influencers. The Anil Kapoor association is already delivering high conversions for the brand.

ROI & Social Media Measurement

In the digital ecosystem, the measurement parameters for RoI focus on ROAS across Google and Social media. This is followed by looking into the consumer journeys for all the campaigns. 

Salot elaborates, “We believe in performance marketing and every campaign for us should deliver on the ROAS. As a brand, we leverage adequate tools to understand the consumer journey of what is working and is not working for our consumers.” 

Apart from the ROAS, the brand has multiple diagnostic parameters such as the time spent on the website, add-to-cart clicks, etc. The metrics are strong indicators of both, the quantity and the quality of the traffic across the website for the brand.

Going Beyond – Challenges & Way Forward

At the moment, the need of the hour is to change the mindsets of the consumers regarding digital who are more averse towards only traditional media channels/physical stores for the category.

As the way forward, the brand intends to go omnichannel. Salot points that the delivery of the mattresses is literally from the factory to the consumers' doorsteps. “It’s a touch-and-feel category. Keeping digital at the center, we would be venturing out with experience vaults. Within the end of this quarter, we will follow an omnichannel approach but it will continue to be digital-first,” concludes Salot.

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