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#SS30Under30 categories

As registrations for #SS30Under30 commences, here’s a look at the nomination categories across which participants from the A & M industry can register themselves.

The success of marketing campaigns not just requires tools, analytics, data, and ideas to implement the initiative but also professionals to hold the fort with passion, grit, and determination. Social Samosa aims to celebrate these passionate leaders of tomorrow with its fourth edition of #SS30Under30.

#SS30Under30 encourages the industry to push the young leaders to enjoy the limelight that they deserve for their due diligence and resilient spirit. If you haven’t already, nominate yourself for #SS30Under30 now.

Here’s a look at the nomination categories

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Nomination Categories


They are the magicians who are unfazed by client feedbacks and live by graphics, visual arts, audio, or video to deliver brand communication in a relevant manner.

Media Planning

Always on the lookout for the right media channels, media planners bring the appropriate platform to help the campaign reach its destination. These are the leaders that deploy strategic monetary investments in the right channels to reach the maximum audiences.

Account Management/Client Servicing

Account Managers might always be under fire as they don multiple hats, their abilities for multi-tasking are beyond compare, to keep the wheel rolling - bridging the gap between the client and the agency.


Fearless, invincible, left-brained with a touch of creativity, these are the professionals who are not afraid of numbers and approvals. If creating plans based on data and insights is your passion, then this is the category for you.

Agency Leader

If you are an agency owner who has managed to keep the ship sailing through the highs and lows of the pandemic, kept the team's spirit high, and now look forward to building agile entities that stand tall in the face of crisis, nominate yourself in this category.

Brand Management/Marketing

If you pride yourself in understanding consumer behaviour, insights, and data and translating it into communication that works, this category is for you.

Content Creator/Influencer

If quality content and clout is your USP then nominate here. With a huge influx of content every single day, it is imperative that your content is catchy, relatable, and genuine, resulting in people connections that matter.


Numbers, graphs, social listening, and so much more – if you are a leader who has an acumen for unraveling crucial insights through the data available and beyond, then this is the category for you.


Recruiting, hiring, firing, training, and retaining the right professionals – if these words surround you day in and day out, nominate yourself in this category.

Operations & Finance

If you understand finance and its role in the advertising & marketing world, this category is for you.

Now, that you are familiar with the nomination categories, register here.

Nominations close by December 08, 2021.

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