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Supertails marketing strategy

We parse through the Supertails social media marketing strategy with key learnings from Varun Sadana, understanding how social media and content is helping them create reach for the pets' marketplace.

While the adoption of pets might be at an all-time high, pet service, as a category remains at its nascent stages in India. Aiming to bring a holistic pet care experience through the digital medium, Supertails came into being in 2021. The pandemic saw not just the humans but pets facing adverse situations, too. With D2C start-ups gaining predominance, Supertails was launched to offer pet care services to the pet parents especially during such adverse times - an offering that reflects in their marketing strategy.

As the brand continues to keep digital at the center, we parse through its social media marketing strategy with key learnings from Varun Sadana, Co-founder, Supertails.

Through The Eyes Of The Pets - Supertails Marketing Strategy

Pet Parents usually nurture their pets as an integral part of their family. The pandemic brought a slew of challenges for this segment as concerns such as medical consultations to pet products were hard to arrange for during the lockdowns.

Claiming to be a business led by experts, that intends to make pet care accessible and easier for people across age groups, Supertails released its recent campaign to bring a better understanding for pet parents from a dog’s perspective, this New Year. The campaign showcases how despite not being able to convey their feelings in words, pets are more human when they want to take care of their 'hooman'.

Sadana explains, “A lot of times pet parents feel that it is difficult to understand the needs and emotions just because pets can’t ‘tell’ them, but pets are more human than we think they are. Their emotional needs are similar.”

Thus, to bring more understanding to the pet parents and spread awareness about the marketplace for pets, Supertails’ campaign brings across the pet’s endearing perspective and love for their parents. Earlier, the brand had brought a similar Diwali film, told from the lenses of Bruno.

Digital Media Mix & Strategy

The digital media marketing mix of Supertails largely revolves around catering to the Gen-Z and millennials. While there might be behavioral differences between the two sects, what binds everyone’s lives together is social media, more so post the pandemic.

From personalizing the content to bringing solution-focused social media posts throughout their channels, the Supertails marketing strategy focuses majorly on educating the first-time pet parents as they form an integral audience segment for the brand. 

“Our endeavor on social media platforms is always to engage and educate to make young people responsible pet parents who are loving and sensitive to their little ones," shares, Sadana.

The brand communicates with the audience, majorly through digital platforms:

  • Facebook – 27, 912 Followers
  • Instagram – 6, 978 Likes
  • LinkedIn - 3,569 Likes
  • YouTube – 167 subscribers

Instagram, Instagram, and Instagram

While Supertails is present across all major social media platforms, Instagram works the best for them as the brand’s TG remains most active and responsive on the platform through Reels, Videos, and even Carousels. “At Supertails, we also believe that pet parents are keen to learn more about pet parenthood which makes it one of our biggest focus areas”, shares the brand. 

The D2C brand intends to popularize the Pet service category in the country while building a community for pet parents.

After launching in 2021, Sadana believes that the real test for them would be 2022 with newer marketing trends emerging in the industry, each passing day. The core target audience for Supertails remains the Gen-Z and millennial pet parents; the brand expects the rate of pet adoption to further grow.

“Considering our target audience group, our primary medium of communication is digital, which makes us accessible and allows us to add value to pet parents consistently at scale. The digital channel constitutes nearly 100% of our marketing spend”, highlights Sadana.

All the channels work in tandem with Instagram to amplify the content showcased on the brand’s official page.

With back-to-back overarching campaigns on Diwali, followed by the New Year, Supertails shares that the true ROI for any marketing campaign is the organic responses received from the audience. “Every share, save, message and shout out from our community of pet parents counts towards this”, summarizes, Sadana.

The brand also leverages influencer marketing to spread awareness and garner engagement through social media channels.

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A Solution-focused Content Strategy

“One of the biggest levers that have moved advertising in the past year has been the rise in content consumption”, points, Sadana. Be it due to an increase in time spent online or better accessibility, the brand seems to be witnessing a rise in quality content distribution.

The overall content strategy revolves around providing solutions and information to pet parents and is segregated under Pets of Supertails, events, quizzes, experts, and MythBusters, amongst others.


Did you know-type of content works well for the brand, catering to first-time parents. This is followed by problem-specific content, like issues of ticks and fleas, Gastrointestinal issues in pets, and more. 

Sadana highlights, “We’ve noticed that people are constantly looking for information and especially, information that is credible and comes from an expert source. All of our content is backed by the years of hands-on experience of our vets and pet behavior experts and so each piece that we put out has not just research but practical knowledge that works.”


The brand’s content strategy on social media is to put out advice and tips from a petcare angle/perspective.

Instead of categorizing between healthcare or training services, Supertails aims to stand for holistic health and wellbeing of a pet and that flows through its content strategy, providing more utility to their consumers with their content.

Topicals and Trending 

“For us, topicals have been key”, puts forth Sadana pointing how they leveraged International dog day, Diwali, and New Year in a larger sense and intend to adopt a similar strategy in 2022.


Further, the brand aims to keep authenticity at the center as part when it comes influencer marketing. Sadana shares, “We collaborate with pet parents who are aligned with our vision and genuinely believe in us and our offerings. This helps us partner with the right influencers and create genuine content.”

Promoting Vet services

Keeping its offerings and services as a major part of its content strategy, Supertails often attempts to spread awareness around its online consultation and Vet services.

Wit & Humor

According to the brand’s research, pets are already big on social media and garner significant engagement where people view the funny videos of dogs and cats for a longer duration of time. Supertails leverages this insight to bring brand posts around wit and humor.

This includes memes and posts with witty wordplays around the theme of animal love and care.

Humans of Supertails

Since the beginning, the brand made efforts to create a community of pet parents as a primary audience for Supertails. Bringing their stories to life, the brand shares stories from this community, as part of its content strategy.

Way Forward...

To further make a difference in 2022, the digital commerce and service platform aims to provide services to customers with promptness and quality assurance. Speaking about plans for 2022, Sadana ascertains that Supertails is well placed to cater to any health and behavior-related concerns of pets who may have lower access to these services due to safety concerns during these times.

Even during times of crisis, the brand plans to ensure that their online vet care and online dog training services do not let pet parents face any hurdles through their 3-click booking process. The brand identifies itself as being a partner to the journeys of pet parents as they raise their pets, especially during these times.

As the way forward, Supertails intends to continue leveraging digital for quality content and engagement. 

Further, Sadana shares the need for marketers to leverage the digital wave while plugging learning and awareness through accessible and scalable channels of communication for Gen-Z and others. 

“The real test of content here would be to break the clutter and grab the attention of a generation of compulsive scrollers,” concludes Sadana.

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