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Deepika Padukone has struck the balance of engaging value and promotional elements in her branded content, here we dissect how she personalizes her collaborations and makes them a part of her personal brand.

Since she refashioned her social media presence, she has been on top of topical trends, tapping each one with a distinctive touch of her own, whether it was experimenting with the voice format with 'My Audio Diary' or launching a UGC campaign with a social media challenge for a new product by Epigamia, a brand she is also an investor of. With this revamped presence, Deepika Padukone has also improved the appeal of the branded content that features on her profile.

In The Same Breath

Aligning a celebrity's public image and the company's intended brand image is one of the key factors dictating a collaboration between a brand and the endorser, but taking it further, Deepika also brings out parallel traits that can be mentioned in the same breath. The endorsements therefore can be perceived more as an extension of her own personality rather than a deal holding commercial value.

This element amplifies the credibility of the endorsement, as instead of promoting the product in a traditional manner that leaves the viewer wondering whether the celebrity themselves use the product, a foundation of confidence is established. This trait of her partnerships and the branded content also adds value augments her own brand, as she lends her persona to a campaign or a brand.

For instance, sharing her athletic side and describing how participation in sports and physical activities is second nature to her while announcing the collaboration with Adidas, tends to increase the persuasiveness of the message.

Deepika Padukone X Adidas

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Uninterrupted Aesthetics

Her revamped social presence also brought forth continuity in the aesthetics of her social feed, and this quality has also been extended to the collaborative content. So much so, that these posts come across as a part of her own content.

The short-video format putting forth a candid conversation, unseen part of her day, or she just being herself, integrated with a casual but precise brand integration balances out the promotional aspect with an engaging value in the piece of the content, and also personalizes it. This collaboration with Chopard humanized the product in a subtle way with Deepika bringing out the goofy side her fans admire.

Lifestyle Statement

Incorporation of the product into the endorser's lifestyle is a substantial contribution to the brand equity. And, Deepika has aced portraying a brand as a part of her lifestyle.

Sharing knowledge or experience that portrays the product as a part of their lifestyle enables the brand to inherit the personality's celebrity and humanize the brand, this may consequently also have an effect on the brand's positioning in the market and result in lasting publicity. Signifying the importance of music in her life, here's how Deepika's collaboration with Spotify India established a lifestyle statement.

Deepika Padukone X Spotify India

Deepika remains the top endorser in the Personal Care segment, followed by E-Commerce, Fashion & Apparel, and several more sectors. Her brand value has stayed on colossal heights, being one of the highest in India in recent years, and with a social media presence that's broken ground in engagement and promotion, she has defined collaboration with a celebrity in the digital age.

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