[Download] Social Media Creative Sizes Guidebook 2022

Paawan Sunam
Jan 03, 2022 14:03 IST
social media creative

Download this comprehensive guidebook featuring creative sizes for all major social media platforms to display your posts in the optimal resolution, making your feed thumb-friendly.

Optimizing your communication for each resolution is not only effective but necessary to please the aesthetics of your feed and catch the audience's eye. This guidebook contains the accepted social media creative sizes for 2022.

All social media platforms are constantly updating the dimensions of their posts to improve the content consumption patterns of the userbase. Brands and agencies too need to stay in line with these changes to create an efficient social media presence.

The guidebook contains covers various formats such as static posts and ephemeral Stories on each of the platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Creative elements such as optimized posts are integral to sustaining the audience and also to tackling algorithm changes on social networks. Cutting it short by cropping a Snapchat's creative for an Instagram post would result in a social presence that displays low effort.

Download this guide to stay up to date with the current dimensions accepted for social media creative in 2022.

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