From Tazos to talk time on the phone – Here’s a look at some of the best Lay’s campaigns…

Lays Campaigns

We take a throwback at some of the most prominent Lay’s ad campaigns – from their days of competing with Uncle Chips through Tazos to their more recent youth engagement initiatives.

Having sustained the Indian potato chip market for about 26 years now, Lay’s has found the way to the heart of its Indian consumers – be it through their desi flavors or witty ads and campaigns. Lay’s was first launched in India in 1995 and within 5 years became one of the largest players in the potato chip market. When it first launched, the brand was tasked to capture the Indian market which was then ruled by Uncle Chip’s.

Lay’s did their best to adapt to the Indian taste buds and came up with flavors that were loved by one and all. They offered a mix of Indian as well as Western flavors, which took off as soon as they were launched in the market. Complementing their product and distribution strategy, Lay’s roped in iconic influencers and celebrities to establish the then Ruffle Lay’s as the ultimate and most hep snacking option.

Soon after their arrival, Lay’s adapted its global ‘Tazo’ offering in the Indian market. Tazos were small discs with cartoon characters and came in every packet of the chips. Each disc held a certain amount of points and could be exchanged among kids for a larger collection to garner maximum points. The Tazos became the ultimate rage amongst kids and according to media reports, within 4 months of the launch of Tazos in India, Lay’s witnessed an increase in sales and had almost 20 million Tazos out in the market.

The Lay’s marketing strategy and campaigns have always erred on the side of witty and creative. The brand over the years roped in many youth icons such as M.S.Dhoni, Saif Ali Khan, and in more recently Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat.

In a further attempt to connect with adolescents and teenagers, the brand partnered with Airtel to offer users discounts on recharges when they buy a pack.

Urging consumers to use their products in a playful manner has been one of the pillars of their communication strategy. Lay’s, recently launched a digital campaign for the recently introduced thinnest range of chips – Lay’s Wafer Style, which encouraged fans to try fun and quirky magic tricks using the Lay’s Wafer Style chips.

The brand also had a ‘Smile’ campaign executed in multiple global markets with tweaks that reflected the region’s culture again urging the youth to have fun with their Lay’s.

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Here we take a look at some of the prominent Lay’s campaigns in the Indian market over the years…

Lay’s Chile Limon Campaign

Lay’s Khulega Match chalega

Lay’s Presents The Boss

Lay’s #LoveToLoveIt

Fight For The Flavour

Make Your Own #LaysKePlays

What’s Your Relationchip Status?

Lay’s #Heartwork

Lay’s #PaperThinWaferThin

Lay’s Khulega, Data Milega

Lay’s #RealFlavoursOfLife

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