UPDATE: Dunzo QR Code IPL campaign reportedly repurposed from Coinbase SuperBowl ad

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Dunzo IPL ad

Two monumental leagues, two start-ups, two popular ads, but based on one idea. Dunzo presented an ad during the IPL Finals displaying a QR Code, a concept similar to the widely popular ad by Coinbase exhibited during Super Bowl 2022. UPDATE: Dunzo released an official statement later.

Coinbase moved up in the cryptocurrency exchange industry by creating a global stir with their ad displayed during the Super Bowl 2022. The brand featured a drifting QR code on a black screen that had no branding, minimal production value, and featured no celebrity. Such was the result of the campaign that it led to technical issues on the website as it crashed while struggling to keep up with the response generated by the QR code. Dunzo's campaign for the IPL finale purportedly delved into the same concept, as the brand displayed a QR code on a blank screen during the spot.

The campaign by the online delivery app starts off with blurry and static lines as when the cable crashes. Then comes the QR Code, with a countdown to 20 seconds and the text 'Inconvenience is regretted. Convenience is not.' is displayed on the screen.

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Once the campaign hit the screens, Twitter users soon started commenting on its uncanny similarities with Coinbase's SuperBowl ad campaign.

On the other hand, a number of industry influencers and social media users were seen sharing good words about the campaign.

Social Samosa reached out to the Dunzo team to understand if this was an influencer outreach initiative and the insight behind the whole campaign, however, there was no revert till the time of filing the report.

This instance gets highlighted shortly after Social Samosa reported how IPL's data privacy campaign bears resemblance to a campaign on the same theme, executed by an Indian entity. Both the campaigns depicted an auction where a user's data is being openly sold off to the highest bidder.

In 2021, Apple TV's Everyone But Jon Hamm also was on the lines of Disney+Hotstar's #SiwaySRK.

Creative coincidences or inspired campaigns have been a common occurrence, more so, since the number of campaigns goes up across the mediums - be it social media creatives, TVCs, or IPL campaigns in this case.


Dunzo Co-Founder & CEO, Kabeer Biswas, shared an official statement thanking Coinbase for trying the idea first, as it helped Dunzo "build the courage" to try it.

30, 2022

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