Friday the 13th creatives: The right mix of horror & humour

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Friday the 13th

As the infamous day and date align perfectly yet again, brands bring out their spooky and relatable brand creatives on this Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th has many superstitious stories linked to it. Historically speaking, the day-date combo did not sit right with people. But with good spirits and added wit, people have started to add humour to this spine-chilling day as well.

Catching on to this trend, brands across the board showed up with their humour, relatability and the perfect amount of spook in their brand creatives.

Swiggy India hilariously compared the ominous day with Monday blues. While Netflix gave the people chills when they reminded them to watch out for this Friday's spooky night.

Many more brands had some very similar pieces to share. Here's a look at some Friday13th brand creatives we stumbled upon.


Bumble India

Kotak Bank


Netflix India

Disney+ Hotstar

SUGAR Cosmetics

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Burger King India

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