Instagram adds features to its test subscription service for creators 

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The new updates to Instagram subscription include subscriber group chats, reels, and posts for subscribers only and more; which paying fans will have access to. 

An alpha test that began in January for Instagram has now expanded. In an announcement made by the Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri he stated that the photo-sharing app is adding features to its subscription service for creators.  

The test feature that rolled out in the US this January, supported subscriber-only stories, subscriber badges, and subscriber-only live streams. According to the announcement made by Mosseri, this feature will now support four more updates. Including subscriber chats, subscriber reels, subscriber posts, and a subscriber home. 

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With the subscriber-only Posts and Reels update, when creating a new Post or Reel, creators with the subscription will see an audience toggle giving them the option to share their content with their subscribers only. Similarly, with subscribe chat, creators will be able to connect with up to 30 subscribers at a time which conversation will automatically end in 24 hours.  

Lastly, in this new update, Instagram has added a Subscriber Home option, where the creator can store and manage all things Subscription. This way, the user experience will enhance, and the creator will have a platform to showcase it all in one place.  

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