I joined advertising with a resignation letter & not an offer letter says, Josy Paul at #AgencyCon2022 

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Josy Paul, BBDO India shares his vast experience as a veteran in the advertising industry and points out reasons as to why after all these years he is still crazy about advertising in a keynote session at #AgencyCon2022 

Josy Paul, Chairman – BBDO India took the live stage at AliveNow presents Social Samosa AgencyCon Festival & Indian Agency Awards Show in Association with Quora and shared his thoughts on how even after years in the A&M industry, advertising and marketing is still as fresh as the day he began.

Listing down the reasons why he is still crazy about Advertising, Josy explained:  

It turns your weaknesses into strengths 

Starting off the session, Josy reminisced on how he secured his first job without having a proper portfolio, which became possible when he met his mentor Suresh Malik who mistook his permanent tremor for his nervousness. To which Josy said, “I'm not nervous, it's just creative vibrance”. Thus, turning his weakness into his strength, Josy took his first step into the industry.  

It reveals you to yourself 

Sharing his own experience when he started off in his career, Josy talks about the first job he bagged when he worked on a film for Philips. Talking about the desperate side that shone through, which he himself never knew existed within him Josy pointed out that if it wouldn’t have been for Advertising, he would probably never discover this part of him.  

Moving ahead, he talked about the agency he started called ‘David’. Josy explained how the craziness of advertising reflected in this creation as well. The agency was designed like a playschool and giving the reason for doing this Josy said, “When you joined the agency you didn’t get an appointment letter, but a resignation letter. Because you had to resign from adulthood and take on the responsibility of a six-year-old.”   

In spite of embarrassment, Magic still happens 

Advertising is such an industry where going over the edge and scratching the correct surface has a very thin line. And despite the challenges, it still lets you learn new things.  

Sharing his experience about a stunt that made Josy apologize to everyone on national TV, Josy pointed out how there have been many times where they may have gone to the edge but the beautiful part is – no one questioned or stopped them.  

Next in the panel, Josy shared with the audience the mission statement he had written to himself which eventually made him realize his potential and goals.  

The statement read, ‘To create an environment so fertile, even if you sow a seed of doubt, it would flower into something beautiful.’ 

Taught him to accept rejection & failure 

No career path no matter how successful is smooth sailing. And this Josy was hit by this reality when he had to move on from David because, in some ways or another, he felt like he had failed the agency.  

Speaking of this experience Josy said, “The beautiful thing about the business is, whatever happens to you – good, bad or ugly, there's always magic in the air.”  

Based on this moment in his career, they founded BBDO with the purpose of creating more ads because India needs more acts and not just ADs.  

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It's more powerful than you think 

Talking about BBDO’s growth and the recognition it got, Josy explained that ‘Advertising is who you are and what you become and how you evolve.’ And to prove the point that advertising can give people identity and make themselves apparent, they started creating such experiences at the agency.  

Sharing one such work that had a significant impact on people’s lives and perspectives, Josy talked about the Ariel – Share the Load campaign.  

Concluding the keynote session Josy reminded the audience that campaigns and works like this, only make people realize their inner capabilities and talent. Because advertising is more powerful than everyone thinks it is.  

And at the end of it, Josy reminded people of the core reason for being crazy about advertising.

He said, “Still crazy about advertising because it’s crazy about you” 

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