Burger King Brazil approached the gamers with a ‘Burger Glitch’

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Burger King Brazil Burger Glitch

Burger King Brazil turned gamers’ worst nightmare - a glitch into a big gaming campaign with #BugKing which was also dubbed as a 'Burger Glitch'

Earlier this year, Burger King launched a gaming campaign in Brazil, but unlike others, they targeted the gaming community with their worst nightmare - a glitch and called it a 'Burger Glitch'. 

The brand released a mobile app in the country by choosing gaming bugs to portray gamers’ experience and surprised people with glitched products, and comms which additionally included glitched offers and special prices as well. 

This campaign also encouraged consumers to search the brand’s app and social media channels to find these said ‘glitches’ with deals which were worth up to 40% off. And those who found it could share the deals on their social media for additional perks. 

Apart from the bugs in the app, Burger King took the glitching to real life in their famous ‘Whoppers’ as well. Following the #BugKing campaign, the brand sent the audience ‘glitched’ orders on purpose. Further, the brand glitched its posters, billboards, menu boards and social media posts as well. 

Moreover in the campaign, if gamers shared their own glitches on Twitter they got ‘glitched’ discounts too. Adding to this, the campaign was further moved to the Metaverse, where the brand created a glitched store - a fully functioning and playable game.

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According to the brand, this promotion was followed with a huge number of traction with the brand’s app reaching the top chart for most downloaded, 60,000 sales with glitched coupons among others. 

This digital campaign full of glitches and focusing on the gaming community curated for Burger King Brazil was made possible by the ad agency 'DAVID’s São Paulo'.

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