Sibling Duo Content Creators are creating stronger bonds with brand endorsements

Sibling Brands

Here’s a list of sibling creators that are creating stronger bonds with brands on the digital front with their unique dynamics.

The Indian influencer/ creator scene is a rapidly growing industry. With newer and fresher faces emerging every day, the space has become a solid ground for brands to dabble into. Digital creators like them have become a preferred approach for many different brands. As these influencers, with their far reach, can attract a good amount of audience to their products. 

Witnessing a pattern on the internet, brands have started to leverage a wide range of influencers. And one of these categories is sibling pairs on the internet. Whether it be a comedic duo like Vishnu & Govind Kaushal or the dancing pair Chinki-Minki. Brands leverage the unique dynamic the sibling pairs bring to the table and in turn help promote the brand. 

From OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to tech giants, brands from all specs of the industry are approaching and joining in on the sibling-creator bandwagon. Some smartly build on the relationship the siblings share, and others leverage the double audience exposure they get if both the creator siblings have a separate account. There are ample opportunities that lie with these sibling creator duos.

For the recent Raksha Bandhan festival, we saw several brands engaging with these duos. But there are brands who unlocks this power of two throughout the year.

Here’s a list we curated of some of the famous sibling duos on the internet that are bagging endorsements from all over the industry. 

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Vishnu & Govind Kaushal

Awez & Anam Darbar

Siddharth & Abhishekh Nigam

Chinki-Minki aka Surabhi & Samriddhi

Saloni & Shubham Gaur

Did we miss any of your favourite sibling duos on the list? Comment down below and let us know.