Superwomen 2022: In conversation with Prerna Sood of AdLift India

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In a brief chat with Social Samosa, Prerna Sood, Head - Content, AdLift India advises the industry to slow down a tad bit, and puts emphasis on its benefits

The newest addition to the winners' list of Superwomen 2022, Prerna Sood of AdLift India, speaks about the A&M industry, the challenges women face in the industry, and how they can be avoided in this chat with Social Samosa.

Edited Excerpts:

What do you think it means to be a superwoman in the New Normal?

We’ve been superwomen before. We’re superwomen now. The ‘new normal’ might have just made it more visible. The one thing that we all realized was the power of multitasking that women exhibit quietly but exquisitely. From managing teams, home chores, paying bills, nurturing social circles to raising kids and ensuring self-care, we’re in it all. The post pandemic era in fact, I think, has taught us to say thank you to ourselves a little more. Long overdue.

In my honest opinion, ‘Superwoman’ is also a larger-than-life term that’s more restricting than freeing. We shouldn’t have to forge our way through outdated patriarchal norms and unreasonable pressures to begin with. The notion is that any woman who manages to do it or does it well without whining is a ‘superwoman’. I think if you give everything your best and keep getting up every time you’re down, you’re a superwoman.

A big part of success is mental health & work-life balance - how do you ensure to create work-life balance for yourself & those around you?

Two words. Emotional Intelligence. Brain & heart working in sync is always a winning combination. Communicate freely & often, empathize, create stress-relievers, address conflicts holistically, be self-aware, and broaden your perspective. Train your emotions to help you prioritize in a noisy world. Pause. Take a step back. There. That’s a start to your work-life balance.

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While a lot has changed for the better in the A&M industry, what kind of challenges continue to exist for women? Especially with the whole WFH & hybrid work situation?

The biggest challenge that women still face in the A&M industry is being heard the same as their male peers. Women are slowly making their way into senior management, leading with clever ideas and getting the recognition they deserve. But I feel it’s still going to be a few years until we, as an industry, and as a country can give women’s voice the same attention as we give to men’s. That’s the reason, we’ve got to be louder.

From my conversations with other women managers & entrepreneurs, I see that work from home & the hybrid working model has made all of us professionals gentler and more respectful towards women. I see more compassion.

What in your opinion, helped you excel in your career?

Patience. Perseverance. And Perspective.

One Superwoman you look up to & why?

I don’t idolize people. I find inspiration in talent. And it could be anyone’s – a new hire or a seasoned professional. Every day, I work with intelligent enterprising young women in my team that constantly inspire me – workwise & life-wise both.

One thing you would like to change about this industry?

The pace of it. A&M thrives in chaos. But I think if we slowed down just a tad bit, we’d be creating campaigns that could have recall value and impact thru generations. Quality wins.

One thing that this industry desperately needs?

Stronger and more open communication. I can’t stress enough the importance of it. And empowering people to do this. With clients, within teams, with managers, and all the way up.

One tip for all aspiring A&M professionals out there?

Find a mentor! The right one will open to you a world you could only dream of. Learn from their learnings, avoid the errors they made and use the wisdom they have gathered in all their years of working in the industry. Make them your anchors. We often lose sense of time and goals in order to achieve efficiency in daily tasks. A solid mentor will make you see the big picture clearly and closely. It’s priceless.

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