Inside: Jamtara Season 2 marketing strategy - a mix of content assets at play

Sneha Medda
Sep 27, 2022 08:35 IST
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Jamtara Season 2

Netflix dropped the season 2 of the crime thriller drama - Jamtara; to reach the audience the makers followed the drama’s premise of big scams and phishing conveyed through varied content assets.

Netflix India’s crime thriller drama, ‘Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega’ came back with its season 2, this time with a new tagline ‘Iss baar sabka number lagega’. Following the show’s theme of scamming and mobile phishing, the makers created multiple content assets as a part of the Jamtara Season 2 marketing strategy.

Jamtara’s Back

After 2 years of wait, Netflix announced the comeback of their crime thriller drama Jamtara which revolves around the big-scale mobile phishing scam that lurks around the small cities of India. 

At the end of august this year, Netflix announced the release date for the upcoming season of the show.

Following the date announcement, the creators dropped the full-length trailer for the second season a month prior to the actual release of the show.

The official trailer release was backed with regular posts on the network’s social media handles reminding the audience of the show’s nearing release date. These anticipation posts saw a mix of the previous season’s iconic moments, clips from the new season, and some easter eggs for the upcoming release.

To make the show appeal to the younger generation of the country, the makers took the usual credit card scams in the show and gave it a modern twist with dating apps. This clip showed how phishing can also happen on dating apps.

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The Regional Touch

Based in the rural areas of India, Jamtara is widely known for its relatable dialogues and colloquial language. To follow the show’s trend of using regional dialect, all the promotions for the upcoming season saw this touch and were heavily done in Hindi to reach a larger chunk of the audience. 

The star cast of the show had a brief chat with ‘Burt Hindi’ to discuss the upcoming season. 

Additionally, the stars of the show were also seen promoting the show on the radio and thus engaging with a different set of audiences.

Further, Netflix India emplyeed a meme marketing strategy where the assets featured the characters of the show.

Scamming Viral Creators

Netflix collaborated with some major viral stars from the ‘Gram’ and in good-old Jamtara-styled scammed them into spending pretty big bills. 

These collaborations included the infamous fashion icon ‘Urfi Javed’, the owner of the catchy line ‘Tera Ghar chale jayenga’ - rapper MC Stan, and ‘Kacha Badam’ fame Anjali Arora. 


As the release date neared, to reel in more audiences and in order to loop them in the makers released the first 2 episodes from season 1 on YoutTube for free. This created a buzz around the previous season and ensured a loyal watch stream for the upcoming season. 

Finally, the new season dropped on Netflix on 23rd September. According to the OTT platform, after 3 days of streaming on the web, the crime thriller is trending at #1 in India.

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