ChatGPT wrote a 'mildly terrifying' ad for Ryan Reynolds

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In a truly Ryan Reynolds fashion, the star experimented with the AI-powered chatbot, to write an ad for his network operator, Mint Mobile, with compelling results.

There was a time when we used to wish there would be an invention that would write for us. Today we have Open AI’s latest invention ChatGPT making the rounds on the internet for generating texts, essays, ad copy, and more with the help of a tiny brief.

Various famous personalities have experimented with the tool and shared their thoughts. Celebrity Ryan Reynolds took advantage of the same and used the AI content generating tool to write an ad for his company, Mint Mobile.

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The star has slowly become one of the most in-demand and influential creators in advertising because of his charming personality and bold strides in the campaigns made for his own brands. The Mint ad reflects the same.

In the video, he asked ChatGPT to write an ad that would sound like himself, using a joke, curse words, and to highlight the benefits his company offers. What followed was the ad written by the tool accurately that injected Reynolds’ dry wit and persona which ‘mildly terrified’ him. 

The ad has been released on all of his social media platforms and he went on to joke about 'having the tool raise his kids if the ad works out'.

Released in November 2022, the chatbot was designed to carry conversations with people by answering questions, rejecting inappropriate queries, and more. What’s spooky is that the chatbot is capable of emotional intelligence and can sound exactly like a human would. 

Recently, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella asked the chatbot to name the best South Indian dish at the Future Ready Technology Summit in Bengaluru. While the tool inaccurately answered 'biryani' alongside 'idli', 'dosa', and 'vada', it immediately apologized when called out. ChatGPT has managed to develop empathy and has been trained to give truthful and harmless answers. Because of this training, it challenges and discards parts of questions that do not make sense and acknowledges its ignorance if it does not have the required information.

As helpful as it is, there’s a fear of it replacing writers and even Google searches with how accurate it is. With Reynolds putting the spotlight on it, the advertisement might either create more awareness for ChatGPT or remind experts that AI could potentially steal jobs.

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