SBI General highlights benefits of Health Insurance through new campaign

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The humorous campaign titled ‘#BachatKaShortcut’, shows how investing in health insurance can help manage finances and get tax benefits.

SBI General Insurance, one of the general insurance companies, has announced the launch of the ‘#BachatKaShortcut’ campaign to spread awareness about tax-saving benefits through health insurance.

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This campaign entails a series of light-hearted but highly impactful videos with the core objective of driving the message of investing in health insurance for managing finances and saving tax. 

The videos under this campaign titled ‘#BachatKaShortcut’ showcase various humorous scenarios of customers undertaking numerous frugal measures to enhance their savings and reduce expenses. It focuses on our tendency to sacrifice small things in order to save some money.

Through this campaign, SBI General wants to empower India with a better and more productive idea to save money by saving taxes through health insurance. A comprehensive and adequate Health Insurance plan provides financial protection in the face of any medical emergencies. These emergencies not only take a toll on one’s emotional well-being but can also completely drain them financially.

Hence, it is essential to plan your financial choices well, especially insurance related planning. This campaign therefore emphasizes on the fact that buying Health Insurance also comes with a key benefit that will help one save tax under section 80D of the Income Tax law.

Unmisha Bhatt, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Tonic Worldwide, says, "SBI General has been the embodiment of trust when it comes to insurance. This year the aim was to highlight small sacrifices we make to boost our savings and tend to neglect ways in which we can save big, like health insurance. The series of tongue-in-cheek videos conveys the simple idea that even though there are many ways to save, there's only one shortcut they need to take."

Shefali Khalsa, Head – Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI General Insurance, “Today consumers are more aware of how health insurance helps people avail the best possible healthcare without burning a hole in their pockets or depleting their savings. But through this integrated campaign we also wanted help people understand that health insurance is one of the most efficient and effective tax saving tools.  The campaign is designed to help India make wiser financial and tax saving decisions by purchasing health insurance. To ensure the campaign messaging reaches maximum audience, the campaign is cascaded not only on social media platforms with the quirky short videos, but the messaging has also been stitched well on other traditional media platforms viz Radio, Outdoor Bus Advertisements and TV. In a nutshell, the campaign underlines one key message that a right health insurance plan will ensure sehat aur bachat dono, so that our customers don’t have to sacrifice things that make them happy and take this significant #BachatKaShortcut.”

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