The latest McDonald’s UK campaign raises eyebrows 

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McDonald's UK

Titled ‘Raise Your Arches’, the unusual McDonald’s campaign shows its tight-lipped characters refraining from showing any of its burgers or restaurants.

McDonald’s UK is back with another campaign and it is raising eyebrows everywhere. The campaign created by Leo Burnett UK, emphasizes that inviting someone to grab a burger merely needs you to wiggle your eyebrows. 

In an unusual move, the ad spot doesn’t feature a single burger or McDonald’s restaurant. Instead, it relies on its famous curved 'M' and brand colours yellow and red to tell the tale. 

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It starts with one overworked office worker raising her eyebrows at her colleague to signal if she would ‘Fancy a McDonald’s’. This creates a domino effect of arching eyebrows with all of them inviting each other for Mcdonald's treats. 

In one of the stills, the invitation to eat at the food chain seems to awaken an idea within the employees. The ad campaign as a whole expresses the same. This retains the audience’s attention and cleverly makes you raise your eyebrows too. 

McDonald’s UK has changed its logo recently to form raised eyebrows and have created Snapchat and Instagram lenses that arch eyebrows in hopes that people will invite their friends to eat at one of its restaurants.  

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