Moment marketing plays a small role but has a big impact; brands show how with topical posts

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As the internet rushed into the 'Small role, Big Impact' meme trend, brands joined in using pop-culture, food and more to add to the fun.

Little things that often go unnoticeable but have a huge impact on our lives are getting appreciation on the internet. Social media's new meme-worthy format puts the spotlight on small things that make a big difference. With this, the 'Small role, Big impact' trend has taken over social media.

Netizens have flooded their feeds with noteworthy pop-culture references, and the brandverse couldn’t help chiming in either.

From Netflix rightfully giving the ‘big impact’ title to their ‘skip intro’ feature, to Prime Video India referring to an iconic Bollywood painting, brands had their very own ‘Big Impact’ moments. This trend proves how moment marketing, an underrated format, plays a small role in the world of marketing but has a huge impact on the brand's image.

Here are some 'Small role, Big impact' brand creatives that we came across. 

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Netflix India



Subway India


IMDb India

Prime Video India

Spotify India

Tinder India

Ministry of Railways

Youtube India

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