Ghoomer adds social media spin to its marketing & puts Bachchan star power to good use

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The Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher starrer film, which earned Rs 3.45 crores in three days, uses a mix of old and new tricks to bring charm to its marketing. Ghoomer marketing further capitalises on its subject matter and cameo appearances to target a larger audience.

Ghoomer hits the cinemas at a time when the Indian film business had hit an unprecedented peak, with releases Gadar 2, Jailer, OMG 2, and Bhola Shankar collectively accumulating Rs 390 crore on the weekend of August 11-13. With such stiff competition at the box-office, Ghoomer also relied upon marketing efforts to overcome the odds. 

Having done its fair share of promotional activities, Ghoomer marketing banked on the shoulders of its star Abhishek Bachchan and–to a certain extent–his father Amitabh Bachchan, who makes a cameo appearance. Both of them put their ample fanbase to good use as they shared promotional material regarding the film heavily on their social media accounts.

Trailer Launch 

The film had its trailer reveal event in Mumbai on August 4. Director R Balki when talking about the film, promised that the climax of his film would excite the audiences in the same way the climax of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001) did. Adding that shooting the last 30 minutes of the film has been one of the most thrilling experiences of his life. 

World Premiere at IFF of Melbourne

Ahead of its release in India, the film premiered at the Indian Film Festival (IFF) of Melbourne at its 14th edition. It received a great response from the audience. A video of the same was posted on social media.

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Spinning Social Media Trends

The #GhoomerangChallenge was initiated by the cast which consisted of people making a video of themselves revolving in circles and then trying to catch a ball. The idea was to invite Boomerangs from the audience, generating buzz. People could post the video on their social media with the hashtag. 

A video of the event was shared on Bachchan’s Instagram with the caption reading, “ Ghoomerang is the new Boomerang!”

Engaging with the Media

A friendly cricket match was organised between the film’s cast and members of the media and paparazzi. The match between Team Ghoomer and Team media was characterised by special rules that added a spin to the game. The match consisted of five overs each side. While the first over was a regular one, from the second over onwards, the players were required to play using only one hand. This led to a game filled with interesting moments and laughter.

To further connect with audiences on YouTube, a number of interviews were done with famous channels such as IMDb, Bollywood Hungama, Zoom, ETimes, and Mashable India.

Ghoomer put reality television’s popularity and reach to good use as the cast appeared on popular reality shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati and India’s Best Dancer. 

Social Media Engagement 

Lastly, building anticipation for the film, Abhishek Bachchan shared interesting reels on his Instagram on a frequent basis, counting down the days remaining for the release of the film. 

In a reel shared on August 10, Abhishek can be seen batting while the ball hits his leg and he is deemed LBW out. However, he refutes this decision and the Third Umpire’s screen is showcased. The screen displays a ‘Decision Pending’ signal but later a written message appears stating, “No need to wait any longer. Dive into your nearest cinemas on 18th August.”

With 7 days left to the release, Abhishek shared a reel captioned, “Yeh magic ka khel hai, mAIgic ka!” In the video, AI has been used to generate an image of Abhishek and Saiyami with the help of the command, “add Lefty Cricketer; add her Coach.”

Abhishek was seen sharing a reel with 4 days left for the release with the caption reading, “Get your shot and show timings right, as #Ghoomer is almost here!” The video shows Abhishek looking back at a shot that the viewer has hit, signalling a boundary in a gesture that umpires use in a cricket match. 

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