Anaggh Desai

“Entrepreneur by Attitude, Employee by choice” is how Anaggh Desai likes to refer himself. Having worked across industries and geographies ranging from hospitality, logistics, travel, ecommerce and retail in his 25 + year career span, there is little he has not seen. A firm believer in being ahead of the curve & strong advocate of consumer evangelism, he believes listening to the consumers is one of the most important things that the brands should do today, particularly in India, where consumer dynamics change every few kilometers. His participative leadership style and inclusive attitude sets him apart. He is amongst the few veterans who have been successful in marrying the digital and offline world. Having been there, done that, Anaggh brings to the table: real world, street smart and sharp business acumen, all served with a large dose of on ground reality. His last decade's professional exploits have led to him being dubbed as the “Turnaround Specialist”, by his peers. Anaggh Desai likes constant challenges and likes learning and innovating himself every couple of years. As a free wheeling 'Mindcaster' and Digital Nomad, he has embraced the social media wave. He is currently senior advisor RAI and also advisor to couple of startups in the Etailing space.