The best way to humanise a brand is by using real people to build it: Saksham Jadon

At the 8th edition of Social Samosa’s virtual event SMLive, Saksham Jadon, Founder & CEO of Youngun, highlighted the crucial elements for thriving in the rapidly evolving social media landscape of 2025.

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Saksham Jadon

For a brand to establish itself in the digital marketing landscape, having a presence on social media is crucial. With platforms evolving quickly due to technology advancements, changes in consumer behaviour, and the emergence of new platforms, this presence has become more essential than ever.

The 8th edition of SMLive by Social Samosa, which unfolded on World Social Media Day featured some of the top minds from the industry discussing social media. At this virtual event, Saksham Jadon, Founder & CEO, Youngun held a workshop on ‘How to make your Brand Pop on Social in 2025’, exploring the key strategies and emerging trends that businesses need to embrace to effectively establish and grow their brand presence on social media. 

Jadon emphasised the fact that the social media strategies of brands have seen drastic changes. Brands have started to not take themselves too seriously and this can be seen in examples like Amazon miniTV’s use of audio advertising in Delhi Metro, the brand posting an ad in the newspaper which read ‘Social media influencer looking for a groom’, Ajio leveraging Khali’s witty social media presence and more. 

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Jadon highlighted that a common thread runs through all these examples: the need to engage users with your social media content. Drawing from his four years of experience running Youngun, Saksham Jadon shared key insights from his experience that he believes can help brands stand out on social media in 2025. He outlined the following points:

Doing things for people

“For anything to work on socials, it needs to contrast,” Jadon explained. This contrast is essential in a digital environment where users often view brands as inherently boring. Jadon believes that brands can break this perception by actively doing things for people and showcasing these efforts online.

“If brands play on this contrast and actually go out and do things for the people, a natural social idea can pan out,” Jadon suggests. This approach involves brands taking real actions that benefit their audience and then sharing these stories on social media to create authentic engagement.

Jadon highlighted an example from Swiggy during the World Cup. In response to a viral Tweet, Swiggy went beyond typical brand interactions to assist a customer, showcasing a level of engagement that surprised many. Swiggy's tweet not only addressed the user's need but also demonstrated the brand's willingness to go the extra mile.


Jadon emphasised, “This post worked because the audience usually doesn’t believe that a brand would actually go beyond to help out people.” By exceeding expectations, Swiggy created a memorable interaction that resonated with a wide audience.

Embrace Intraday content strategies

Social media today is akin to intraday trading, where rapid changes and constant monitoring are crucial. Jadon emphasises that this approach should be integrated into influencer marketing strategies. "Social media is filled with content. Today, social media is about intraday trading (within the day). It's a strategy that should be used for influencer marketing, at least a part of their strategy should be," he noted. 

This means brands need to be agile, responding to trends and interactions as they happen to maximise engagement.

Jadon provided examples of successful social media profiles that have mastered the art of creating relatable content. One notable example is a little girl whose videos consistently reach 6-9 million views by resonating with all age groups and demographics. This demonstrates the power of content that connects on a personal level with a broad audience.

Influencer marketing remains a critical strategy for brands. Jadon advised, “Every brand’s influencer marketing strategy should be to incorporate intraday trading in the influencer space.” 

Personal branding x brands 

One of the most effective ways to connect with audiences on social media is by humanising your brand. Jadon believes in the power of personal branding to create authentic connections. "On social media, the best way to humanise a brand is by using real people to build it. Personal branding is the most authentic way to proceed," he says.

Featuring real employees, customers, and influencers can make a brand feel more relatable and trustworthy.

There is no substitute for the human touch in branding. "There isn't a bigger sentiment than the human touch," Jadon asserted. Brands that prioritise empathy, authenticity, and human-centric storytelling will resonate more deeply with their audiences. Understanding what triggers your audience and how they feel about your content is key. "If a person is scrolling through your content, you need to figure out what triggers them and how they feel about the content," Jadon advises.

As we navigate the complexities of social media in 2025, these insights from Saksham Jadon provide a valuable roadmap for brands looking to stand out. By embracing agile content strategies, leveraging data to spot viral trends, humanizing their brands, and focusing on visibility, businesses can create a compelling and authentic presence on social media.

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