How Can Blogs Help in Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing, search engine optimization, websites, paid searches and more, wondering what’s the need of so many avenues when your marketing manager tells that just social media marketing is enough?

Actually not even one of the mentioned channels can sustain on their own, yes not even social media marketing when the hype says otherwise. Companies selling their social media services have created hype that it’s the ultimate tool to own.

However on the grounds of reality, you need support of all of these tools to say afoot. Blogging is also an essential and desirable tool bit did you know that it can actually help with the social media strategy in many ways?

Awareness through content

Google has always preferred quality content. The trend of stuffing articles with keywords that sometimes not even make any sense is gone.

Today search engines prefer places that provide valuable information to the people. Having a blog allows you to provide quality posts that your target audience can relate too. This way they also learn about your products and services attracting traffic to both website and social media pages.

Plus the like, share and tweet options allow visitors to share content with their social network too.

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Linking your social media page on the blog is one of the smartest things to do. Actually it is quite common today; you can cross link almost everything. As your website features links to social media pages and blogs, your blogs too should have links to social media pages.

This would divert traffic to your page/account and allow user to follow. Notably subscribing to blog posts is a bit tricky when compared to hitting the like button on Facebook.

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Guest Blogging

Blogging is all about credibility. People love to hear from experts in the industry and what can be a better way to offer them what they want than blogging.

Suppose you own a fashion retail store, and you run a fashion blog which links to the website of your business. Guest posting on credible, high-traffic blogs will drive traffic to your blog which in turn will work as a marketing mouth piece for your fashion store.

This increases customer engagement and when the links are shared on social media, your business page enjoys better credibility.

Multimedia Options

Blogs give you the freedom to add videos, images, links, animations and so on.

Yes, you can do it on social networks too but when these multimedia options combine with content, the effect is pretty impressive.

Moreover you get to choose fonts style and size of your choice to add to the overall feel of the blog. Today content creation is not just limited to articles. People want to see more from the companies they love and blogging offers that precisely.

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Another way in which blogs help in social media marketing is by providing valuable insights on trends and traffic. But how is that relevant with social media marketing?

Blogs provide you audience and traffic source stats allowing you to study what part of traffic is coming from social media. In the same way you can also check out insights on your social media page or website to know what part of the traffic is from the blog.

For instance if a certain blog post has attracted most number of people to your page or website then you should try to create similar content in future.

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Featured Image : Jane Friedman