Analysis of Indian Celebrities on Twitter – Report

indian celebrities on twitter

The dynamic digital space has magnified the level of influence further. Celebrities have the choice to share their lives up, close and personal with their fans on Facebook and Twitter. The media has opened a new dimension to the way celebrities can connect with the fans. Yet there is much that is missing in their digital persona.

This study by ThoughtBuzz analyses the nature of tweets that are published by leading celebrities in the Indian entertainment space.

The tweets are not part of brand endorsements:

Most of the celebrities monitored have a mix of tweets. They do share many personal moments and interact with fans by replying to them. However, none of the celebrities talk about the brands that they endorse actively.

Exercising Influence:

Each of the celebrities tracked has a minimum of a million followers (approx.) on Twitter. However, none of the celebrities and the tweets that were tracked as a part of the study spoke much about current affairs or shared their opinions on such matters.

Interaction with fans:

Though the statistics mention that the celebrities interact with fans, the nature of interaction is usually a tweet (and not a reply) that acknowledges that followers. At best, there are sporadic cases of replies to a fans tweet. However, the celebrities do not reply to tweets by other celebrities.

Study details:

Shahrukh Khan

  • Shahrukh Khan uses his twitter handle to establish an emotional connect with his fans asking fans to share questions, responding to few though and exuding a lot of love and affection through his 140 character tweets.
  • Also, as is inevitable in his process of connecting with his fans, Shahrukh Khan shares a lot of experience from his personal life including his family and friends moment in his tweets.

Amitabh Bachchan

  • He is by far the most prolific in his engagement with his followers, with tweets deemed “interacting with followers” and “sharing of personal moments” accounting for over 80% of his total posts.
  • Amitabh in his tweets from his professional arena mentioned only KBC – the experience with contestants, the aura of the set.

Priyanka Chopra

  • Priyanka Chopra used almost half of her tweets to promote her work, which could be attributed to the release of her debut music single and the movie Barfi of whose cast she was part of.
  • Priyanka also frequently posts photos using Instagram. This is interesting as she officially endorses the Nokia Lumia series of phones, and an instagram app is not available for them. This means that she is probably using an iPhone or an Android device.
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