Creating a Social Media Proposal for That Prospective Client

social media proposal

The basic essence of a proposal lies in helping the prospective client understand how you can handle his/her Social Media Management. You need to make it clear as to what value are you going to add to his/her business.

Following are the aspects that you must include in your business proposal for any prospective client:

Introduction To Social Media

This section is about making the prospect aware about the potential of social media. This is where you will throw all the stats that you have come across in all those Infographics sprinkled around the web.

The size of Facebook, the hours people waste spend on YouTube, how social media will grow to awesomeness in 2015 and how the top brands are using social media to make billions.

But emphasize more on the prospect’s niche. Hunt for reports for the niche and try to come up with relevant stats. If their competitor is having a social media presence, mention that as well. Basically, these are the pointers that will help you convince the prospect into adopting social media.

Scare them. Tell them how they can miss out on crucial conversations that might lead to more sales. And how brands get torn on social media just because they have no customer redressal mechanism over there.


If the prospect has already mentioned his/her objective, add it over here. Generally you will talk about building a loyal customer base, generating sales/leads, effective customer service and tackling possible PR crisis.

It all depends on the prospect however. You can’t put ‘Generate Sales’ for a TV Channel as an objective, right?


The strategy portion will talk about how you plan to achieve the above stated objectives. Talk about the brand’s approach, positioning and the scope of social media presence it requires. Mention which platforms are most relevant and why, which tools are better, how you are going to use advertisements and also share campaign ideas.


This is where you will dive deeper. Essentially, you are going to explain the roadmap for the strategy. So you will tell the prospect the type of content  that you will be sharing on social media, how often you will publish updates, how various tools will be used, what all you will do to execute the campaign, a detailed note on whom you will target for the ads and reporting/analysis.

Do share some sample updates as well.


Break it down into the following parts:

  1. Monthly retainer fees
  2. Ad budget
  3. Ad management fees
  4. Fees for creatives/web development (or any service for which you will have to outsource) to be charged at actuals.

One thing you must note however, never make promises that you can’t deliver. If you can’t do certain things, don’t mention them just because you desperately need the client.

The Introduction to Social Media can be omitted in case the prospect has already expressed his desire and is actively looking for an agency/consultant because he/she realizes why he needs social media.

So, there was it. Your rough blueprint on how to create a Social Media Proposal for a prospective client. Like it? Love it? Want to add more to it? Please mention in the comments section below.

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