Social Media Campaign Review: Reliance Footprint’s “Guess the Price”

Reliance Footprint, a multi-brand footwear store has launched the “Guess the Price” Campaign on their Facebook page. The campaign focuses on increasing consumer base by rewarding them with gift vouchers that can be redeemed via purchase at their outlets.

social media campaign review Reliance Footprint guess the price facebook post


To increase customer engagement, showcase range of products and attract customers to local outlets.


Guess the Price” is the Facebook app tab used for the campaign. As the name suggests, it is a game wherein user has to guess the price of the product displayed.

social media campaign review Reliance Footprint guess the price facebook

A total of 5 items are displayed. You have 25 seconds for each product. A product is shown with various price tags. You are required to select the most appropriate price tag.

At the end of the game it is mandatory for the user to enter contact details. Your result is then displayed with the right and wrong answers.

Player wins a voucher of Rs. 201.The voucher can be redeemed against a purchase of a product at their local outlets.


Contact details are mandatory to participate. A good way to collect database of consumers for analysis and sampling.

Player indirectly gets to browse through available products and their price range. This creates product awareness amongst consumers.

Irrespective of the result of the game every participant gets a voucher each. A user gets persuaded to shop at their outlet, thus increasing footfall and sales.

India is a highly price sensitive market. This campaign is an excellent way to draw actionable insights about the buying behaviour of customers. Price is a major deciding factor and it can be altered accordingly.

Scope of improvement:

The app does not involve a user integrating own network to spread the word about the campaign. This could have led to more coverage and participation.

The campaign is limited to Facebook alone. They could build a strong brand presence on other social media platforms too.


In my opinion, Guess the price campaign strategically helps Reliance footprint in understanding buying behaviour, it helps in sampling as well as in increasing footfall and sales via online promotions.