5 Ways a Start Up Business can use LinkedIn

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Like Facebook and other social networks, the professional networking site Linkedin too has an increasing number of followers. It has over 147 million users out of which 20 million users are Indians. Apart from networking, it also has features such as job search and communities, one just have to type in their field of industry. The site not only offers friendly features to the job seekers but also helps those small and start up business to grow and expand further.


Here are 5 ways a start up business can use LinkedIn to grow and expand their venture and reach out to a large audience.

1. Make a profile and connect with those relevant to your industry

After making a profile on LinkedIn, add people who are relevant to your business and who can help you out with your start up. This can include people working in the same industry, vendors, job seekers and even competitors. Keep the competitors closer to know what they are doing and how they are doing in the industry. Do not ignore industry experts and job seekers as you might develop a relationship with them over time and get expert advice. On the other hand, you might have to search people to recruit in various departments for building the company. LinkedIn will help you study their profiles better and hire them.

2. Join and build communities

Join communities relevant to your area of business. For example, if you own a real estate business then join groups and communities under real estate, architecture, homes and the like. You should also make your own company page with a good introduction that explains everything about your business. Invite your connections to join your group and post regular updates on your community page with links so that others are well updated about your company.

3. Answer queries on communities and gain new clients

There are a number of queries posted each day on several communities. Keep a track of the updates in each community and answer questions that people post on the same. This will create a good impression and with your problem solving tactics you may even attract new clients. A good way to grow your business.

4. Mention links

LinkedIn is a very good platform to take your connections to your website or blog. Mention links of your website, blog and other social networks where your connections can find good amount of information on your services and keep in touch with you through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Post links on your profile, home page and communities and groups that you have joined. An increase in number on your social networks may increase your business as well.

5. Investment

Buying a LinkedIn premium account can help you raise funds for your business. A basic account also offers direct message service through which small business owners can connect with mentors and potential investors and raise funds for their business.

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