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Retail Social Media

The number of retail stores in India is increasing at a pace like never before. It is entering every city, region and state. With the ambition to expand the brand countrywide it is difficult to keep their audiences informed about brand's every move. In this case, social media comes to their disposal. Audiences need to know about the latest products, brand activities at various stores and social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest help them communicate the same.

There are a variety of retail stores including clothes, handbags, electronics, home decor and shoes and accessories to name a few. Depending on their category the way they use social media is different.

4 Retail Stores using Social Media in the best possible way


The biggest hypermarket of India- HyperCity uses Facebook as their main social network to communicate with their audiences. Though the brand is not very active on twitter and does not have presence on Pinterest, they host a number of activities on their Facebook page. They announce contests, games, discounts, new products and new launches. The content is in the form of good pictures and is fun and engaging.

HyperCity facebook

Cafe Coffee Day

One of the biggest coffee chains of the country Cafe Coffee Day has excellent social media presence with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook: They have excellent content with great catch lines. Their content actually makes you want grab a cup of coffee with their fun and engaging content.

Twitter : Engaging tweets on the drinks and coffee habits attract new followers on the brands twitter profile. Open ended questions make their twitter activities even more fun.

Pinterest : They have a galore of pictures on Pinterest. Their boards include pictures of coffee, merchandise, offers and videos.

Cafe Coffee Day (cafecoffeeday) on Pinterest

Shoppers Stop

One of the largest shopping retail outlets of the country Shoppers Stop brand has a very strong voice on its twitter network. The number of followers is huge and they have engaging contests, games and open ended questions. Their tweets includes latest updates on fashion trends, fashion tips and make up with solving peoples queries on shopping at Shoppers Stop.

Shoppers Stop Facebook

Croma Retail

The largest retail electronic store of India Croma Retail uses Facebook to its full advantage by communicating the benefits of their products to their fans. Their posts include open ended questions, new launches, information on uses of electronic gadgets and tips on using electronic products. The number of engagement is more as compared to other brands due to their open communication on discussing the benefits of buying any particular product.

Croma Retail Facebook

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