Sanjay Mehta Explains Free Social Media Monitoring Tools vs Paid Tools [Video Interview]

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Free social media monitoring tools or a Paid one?? Confused??

Social Wavelength Co-Founder, Sanjay Mehta explains in the below interview what kind of tool you should use and why.

Social Media monitoring tool essentially is a crawler wherein you can put various keywords and it will crawl all social media places and fetch conversations for you. We all know there are lots of free and paid tools that can do this job. So what's the difference between a simple free tool and a more elaborate costly tool?

According to Sanjay, one significant difference is the extent of ground that they cover. In some cases it may be an on the fly job where you first have to put all your information then they will extract data for you whereas the other one has a huge amount of data collection already going on and you can instantly extract your data which is also much quicker.

The tools which usually cover less social media platforms tend to be free then the one which does a more exhaustive job.

Sanjay is of the opinion that if you are doing a social media monitoring exercise where you just want a sense of what is happening on your social media platforms and you are not getting more exhaustive about the brand then a free tool works perfectly. But if your objective is Online Reputation Management where you don't want to miss a single conversation that can damage your brand reputation then you definitely need a tool that cover larger grounds of every social media platforms. Investing in it is well worth in such cases.

Have a look at the above video to know more about Free Tools V/S Paid Tool.

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