5 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media

Gurinder Batra
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Social media is taking over a major chunk of most businesses operations due to their ability of transmitting information faster and at a widespread basis. However most companies tend to make these errors when they are starting out with the use of social media in their operations. Even companies who are not stranger to social media might not notice when these mistakes creep into their business practices.

The first mistake is the tendency to focus on the number of fans that a business has. The number of fans of a page of a brand or a company is not equivalent to the number of customers who are loyal to the brand. The scale that a company should focus on is the number of people who are currently talking about the page. This is yet another statistic that facebook evaluates for you. This gives you an insight into how relevant your content is and how frequently it is being shared and commented about. This feature tells you about the exact brand customer relation that you have ongoing at any point of the time.

The second error is to try and create a presence in almost every social media that is present on the internet. Doing so will not only make your content repetitive and boring but the customers will also lose interest and all that information will not get filtered through. Therefore creating a couple of accounts on top sites such as facebook and twitter will suffice in maintaining a hold on the customer base and spreading out information.

The third error is that some companies make their entire page only about themselves. The customers want a little breather from facts being shoved down their timeline all the time. A key aspect that they miss out on sometimes is to comment and respond to the feedback that they are receiving for their content. Interactive participation and interesting unique content generated makes sure that the customers are hooked to the page and retain more information.

The fourth error lies outside of the computer screen and is placed right into the area where the business operation takes place. Most companies make social media an additional branch that does not integrate with the rest of the functions in the business. Integrating the social media department with the rest of the company is an excellent idea as everybody is kept in the loop and new and fresh content is easier to generate as you are recipient to a lot of new ideas.

The fifth error is a general mistake that occurs in any business if you do not plan. The key aspect to any function including social media handling is to plan it beforehand. A proper statistical analysis of how far you have to go and the number of customers you have to rope in has to be set out before you take on to any social media undertaking. Proper planning ensures the proper measurement of the success of your campaign.

Keeping these common errors in mind will be handy for any business attempting to increase their Move to Trashsocial media influence.

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