Social Media Case Study: Mango Frooti V/S Slice Aamasutra

frooti versus slice

Agency Name:

Mindshift Interactive

Mango Frooti – About the Campaign:

  • Frooti, a 27 years old Parle Agro sub-brand signed Shah Rukh Khan as it’s Brand Ambassador
  • This is it’s (Frooti’s) biggest celebrity endorsement campaign (after it’s association with Siddharth Malhotra)
  • Focus of the campaign – ‘King of Bollywood’ endorsing the ‘King of Mango Drinks’
  • Frooti’s ‘Social First’ approach stands out

One Day later after Frooti launched it’s campaign……

Slice Aamasutra launched their campaign with Katrina Kiaf #Pheeka pad jayega

Slice Aamasutra – About the Campaign:

  • Campaign – Iske saamne sab kuch Pheeka pad jaega
  • After showcasing a seductive side, it’s time to witness the playful love triangle
  • The twitter campaign highlighted on all things that were hot, but are now #Pheeka

Hits and Misses:

  • Frooti emerged as a front runner, dominating Twitter and YouTube numbers
  • Frooti managed to engage with Twitter Audience in three phases, keeping in mind the attention span of Twitterazi
  • Frooti Tweet Volume was 76%, whereas Slice Twitter Volume was 24%
  • Innovation, Celeb Power and Gratifiations worked in Frooti’s favour
  • Slice led the race on Facebook, with a higher increase in Fans and engagement ratio.
  • Brand Ambassador’s associations on Digital was missing ( especially SRK’s presence wasn’t leveraged)
  • Facebook was given a Miss, only being used as a mediator to launch and spread awareness about the Campaign
  • Slice did not leverage it’s YouTube Channel, by sharing videos on Facebook directly.