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About the tool!


KonnectSocial is a Social Media monitoring, analytics and reporting tool built by marketers to help businesses grow through insights on the social web. Konnect Social will help you navigate your way through the social web realm with ease, direction and control. It offers following features:

Listening Tool: Pulls out all relevant conversations from social web, blogs and discussion forums and articles from mainstream news related to your brand keywords (Topic Profile).

Konnect Social Konnect Social


Social CRM and Workflow: Tools and processes that encourage better, more effective customer interaction. Tools to classify messages by type, content and sentiment and route to the right person.

Influencers Voice: Ability to provide alerts when influencers in your industry talk about you

Competitors Analysis: Monitor competitors’ brand on the web, Facebook pages, Twitter, Youtube channels. Evaluate how you how you perform against competition and stack up in the industry.

Brand Analysis: Analysis of Facebook pages, Twitter handles and their impact on hits on brand websites.

Konnect Social

Who founded the product/company?

konnectsocialKonnect Social is a product of Prudence Analytics and Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd, earlier known as Prudence Software Solutions. The company was founded in June 2010. Sameer Narkar is the CEO of the company. The idea of developing a monitoring engine that can pull all relevant conversations for a brand was conceived while working on a project. After consulting with experts from Social Media, the company decided to build the simplest and the most efficient tool in this space. And work on Konnect Social began in 2011.


What platforms does it cover?

The platform covers discussion forums, mainstream news and blogs. On Social media it covers Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Forusquare and Youtube. Pinterest and Google Plus are the upcoming platforms to be released in coming months.

Features of the tool?

  1. Listening Tool
  2. Listening Tool for influencers in the industry
  3. Comparison of brands on
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • Analysis of Brand Facebook pages
    • Analysis of Brand Twitter handle
    • Analysis and comparison of places – checkins, fansetc
  4. Google Analytics to draw linkages on the effectiveness of your social media efforts
  5.  Alerts

What analytics support does the tool provide?

  • River of conversations across the web
  • Conversation cloud
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Engagement Levels
  • Engagement as percentage of Fans on Facebook , Twitter and Youtube
  • Fans growth over a period of time and its linkages to the Tweets and Brand posts
  • Day and time of engagement by followers
  • Engagement on brand posts
  • What type of videos work for you and competitors
  • Engagement over time for videos and channels
  • Tools used by competitors (Only for Twitter)
  • What type of posts work for you and your competitors
  • Followers report on Twitter
  • And many more

Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes. The reports can be downloaded in excel and word. The reports are presentation ready and come with automated conclusions / insights.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

We do provide sentiment analysis but we classify them as non-negative and negative. Anyone who has used social media tools knows that automated sentiment analysis provides only up to 50% accuracy. We have spent significant time in building this algorithm and have concluded that if we classify it as negative and non-negative (positive and neutral) we can provide at least 90% accuracy.

Although we do provide a greater accuracy on sentiment analysis we do not believe that this is the USP of our tool as sentiment analysis results cannot replace the accuracy humans do.

What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

People use different tones when they refer to different sectors. For example a word like MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is very negative for telecom sector but may not be true for other sectors. So the phrases in our dictionary are created based on the sectors. We classify certain phrases / words as ‘very negative’, ‘negative’, ‘neutral’, ‘positive’ and ‘very positive’. The algorithm gives rankings based on the match. If it falls in negative, neutral or positive category then there are 2-3 more iterations to identify if it is really negative and then we finally throw the result as negative or non-negative.

Adding phrases and words to the dictionary is an evolving process and as more number of users start using Konnect Social it will get more accurate.

Here’s a sample report:

Pricing & Packages

Our pricing depends on the number of groups that you configure in the tool. A group consists of five Topic profiles for monitoring, Custom List of influencers, Brand Facebook profiles, Twitter handles, Youtube channel, Google Analytics and Brand comparison of up to eight brands on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Pricing starts with $400 per month. For larger agencies who buy multiple groups we do offer a customized price.


We know what we are going to release in next two years. The plans are very ambitious, and with the amount of data that we churn everyday there are loads of new reports that we will be releasing in coming months. Our team is working relentlessly to build the most powerful social media monitoring, analytics and management tools available, empowering our clients to manage their social channels brilliantly.

We are very soon releasing ‘Konnect Social Recommends’ feature that will be a complement to the automated insights that we provide with the reports.

The Team

We are a small team of techies, designers, product specialists and marketers, who are very passionate about the work we do. Our endeavour is to build the most powerful monitoring and analytics tool that will empower our customers to understand ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what next’ in social media. Team konnect Social boasts a diverse combination of personal and professional talent who can multi-task and believe in having fun while working hard.

Are you hiring?

We believe a few great people can make a big difference. We strive to hire the very best people who are passionate, thoughtful and creative. As a startup we believe in hiring through our networks instead of job sites. We do not have a specific opening at this stage but very soon we will be hiring marketers.