Social Media Campaign Review: MTV India Uses Vine to Promote Pick Me Up

Mariam Noronha
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In a first of sorts for an Indian media company, MTV India has begun to create videos on Vine, the video platform from Twitter, for for the Social Media Campaign of its show ‘Pick Me Up’.  Let us take a look at this new endeavor.


MTV India has started by creating videos for their show 'Pick Me Up' and on the basis of the response, will be using this as an opportunity to promote brands. This initiative is aimed at learning how to use the platform, and to scope it out as a place where they can possibly get a brand on board. MTV is known for its ability to create content which is fun and viral, and in spite of there being a number of brands trying to crack Vine, MTV is sure to do a good job. The objective is to figure out how to convert its content into branded content in order to bring brands on board.


MTV India's Vine page has three Vine episodes of Pick Me Up, featuring VJ José Covaco, telling you how or how not to pick up women. These videos were fun, experimental in design and all three episodes were very professional. According to Medianama, the first 6 second long Vine video was shot in 18 hours and the other two episodes in 24 hours .


The power of visual advertising, via images and videos, to deliver any kind of message is something brands and businesses have been using for a long time now.  However, as attention spans become more and more constricted, the time people are willing to spend even on social media is very little. The 6 second video format by Vine addresses this very need.

The MTV India Vine videos are fun, engaging and have the potential to go viral because they are in sync with the show ‘Pick Me Up’.  By focusing on something lighthearted and funny, MTV has successfully identified a space where their audience will be receptive to messages, albeit a brief one. The campaign targets its young audience, and should be able to capture their attention with ease.

There is great potential to bring on brands through embedded advertising via Vine videos, and this could be MTV's next step.

Scope for Improvement

There is hardly any scope of Improvement in this campaign.


With MTV videos on Vine, the brand now caters to a segment called screenagers, who are essentially teenagers who move from one screen to another consuming content across devices like mobile phones, the web, tablets, iPads and the television. The emergence of screenagers is the reason MTV has changed their overall digital strategy, and is using social media to boost the brand. The Nano Drive previously associated with MTV was a part of this strategy.

MTV videos on Vine is a new endeavor that seeks to weave short, engaging stories, while at the same time positioning brand MTV with the possibility of building a following for its shows on social media.

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