Social Media Comparative Analysis of Key Ecommerce Brands

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    Ecommerce brands are doing a decent job on social media when compared to other industries, primarily because they find their roots in the digital media itself. But what about when we compare them with each other? How do they fare w.r.t to each other?social media comparative analysis of key ecommerce brands

    This comparative analysis, carried out by Konnect Social aims to study how these brands are performing on social media. The brands that have been analyzed are: Flipkart, Myntra, HomeShop18, FashionAndYou and Snapdeal.

    Following are some of the key insights from the analysis:

    • Flipkart has the most buzzing community on Twitter
    • Snapdeal has managed to get maximum engagement amongst its peers
    • Myntra’s content strategy for YouTube is better than the rest
    • Flipkart has the web talking about it as well.

    Download the full report here:

    Social Media Comparative Analysis of Key Ecommerce Brands - Full Report