Agency Spotlight – Tonic Media Case Study: How eBay India created a LIVE Online Game to Promote its New Features

Tonic Media eBay India created a LIVE Online Game

This case study is published under our Agency Spotlight feature. The Agency under Spotlight for this month is Tonic Media. You can read about Tonic Media’s core team members here.

Brand Name

eBay India

Agency Name

Tonic media

Background decided to launch a new look and bring in new features, focusing primarily on ‘Customization’ of the user’s shopping feed. Every User could now have his own custom home page in terms pf the products he/she would like to follow.


  • To create a buzz and fuel engagement around’s new look and new features.
  • To use Twitter to increase awareness about the new eBay features and spark engagement.


To promote the “New eBay” features, without making it theoretical, educative or boring.


‘Tweet to Unlock’ campaign

To foster interaction, Tonic Media, the social media agency of @eBayIndia created a LIVE online game called “Twitter Hangman” to inform users about the new interface of as well as to promote the features of eBay feed.

The campaign was divided into 2 phases, the first of the which had users guess what was special about the new eBay. Every time users tweeted using the #MyNeweBay hashtag, we would reveal an alphabet of the answer “WHAT I WANT IS WHAT I SEE” via Twitpic.

The campaign kicked off with a great start and got the #MyNeweBay hashtag trending on Twitter within the reveal of the first alphabet itself with 1000 participating tweets.

The second phase was the introduction of the first ever LIVE HANGMAN contest on Twitter. The word to be guessed was represented by a row of dashes. People had to solve word-based challenges by guessing the alphabets that would complete the words. The words which users had to guess were:

  1. Personalization
  2. Discover Possibilities
  3. Reflects your personality
  4. Social Share
  5. Saves Time
  6. eBay Loves You

These words were actually the new eBay’s features which were reinforced in a gamified and interesting manner. More than the trend itself, several tweets appreciated the uniqueness of the contest.


@eBayIndia drove over 3,350 tweets with the #MyNeweBay hashtag in 5 hours. The brand also increased their follower base by more than 150 with the overall campaign.

The #MyNeweBay hashtag had a reach of nearly 3,19,000 with more than 5.21 million impressions. An overall of more than 500 people participated in the live game on Twitter.

And of course, the #MyNeweBay trended all day on Twitter.