Social Media Case Study: How Red Label Used Cover Image for Celebrating 1 Lakh Fans

red label cover photo case study

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Red Label

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Red Label, one of the largest tea brands from the house of Brooke Bond, was interested in celebrating the coming together of 1 lakh fans on its official Facebook page.

The interesting twist on the countdown timer designed by Webchutney has served as an engaging activity platform which created a sustained buzz.


The premise this celebration is built on is simple enough, and what they meant to do was to build a Facebook community of fans over a simple promise of ‘Bringing people together to bond over a cup of tasty & healthy Red Label’.


To mark this occasion, Red Label looked at an interactive and innovative real time countdown with a dynamic Facebook Cover Photo in an unconventional manner. The idea was to have a live countdown from the final thousands to 1 lakh with a dynamic photo cover image.

So each time a fan hits the like button on the fan page, the countdown changes on the cover picture. The concept has been woven wonderfully to incorporate the tea cup which is very intrinsic to the brand. With Facebook as a platform, they have furthered the association of two things, the natural benefits of drinking tea and the traditional role that tea plays in bringing families together as a beverage of choice across generations and cultures.

With every few likes, the tea cup fills up a little indicating the brimming community of tea lovers growing steadily onto the cover image.

To achieve the real time countdown, Facebook PHP SDK and ImageWorkshop 1.3(PHP GD) image library were used to create a Facebook app.

The current number of likes on the Red Label India Facebook page is fetched using the graph api and compared with the previous count of the number of likes stored in a database. The newly created image is then uploaded on to the Red Label India page using Facebook post api, and is then set as the cover picture through its photo id.

A refresh timer is maintained at 5 seconds that ensures this php script runs every 5 seconds and checks for the changes in ‘likes’.

Red Label Facebook Cover Photo

Red Label Facebook Cover Photo

Red Label Facebook Cover Photo


The unprecedented response from our fans on a platform as diverse as Facebook was surely a matter of celebration.

The activity was initiated on Wednesday, July 31st 2013 with around 96,000 likes on the brand’s Facebook Page and within 4 days ie. Sunday, August 4th, 2013 the target was achieved with 1 lakh fans on the page.