Why Brands Should Work With a Social Media Agency

pros of having social media agency

Cross your heart and tell me honestly, 3-4 years ago did you think Social Media would be a full-fledged element making brands look at it as an independent platform?

If you didn’t, consider yourself corrected! Social media today stands shoulder to shoulder with every other key marketing avenue you can think of.

This makes it absolutely critical to have nothing but the best resources allocated to manage the brands’ Social Media activities. The Indian Social Media scene has definitely matured beyond just posts and contests. It is jumping leaps and bounds in the context of integrated campaigns among platforms that are available, to augmented reality, to online-offline ROI driven campaigns.

It’s plain madness, where brand after brand is competing to set a trend on social media and beat their competition. I’m sure it’s not just me, but all of you will agree that ‘Idea is an Angel, but execution is a Bitch’. That’s where a proficient agency comes into the picture.

Social Media is all about storytelling, that absolutely has to be done right. A good agency will not just create and maintain your presence, but will humanize your brand on social media. Everything in today’s world is debatable and so is whether a brand should hire an agency or not.

When I Say ‘Social Media Agency’, I am not talking about those who sell Silver, Gold and Platinum packages with pricing Rs. 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000, or about agencies who sell packages based on the number of updates, Social Media Freelancers or about the “Social Media Gurus”. Here, I’m referring to reliable agencies that are in the business with the serious intent to make a difference and deliver WOW.

So now the question is- Why should one hire a Social Media Agency?

They Eat, Sleep, and Drink Social Media

Good agencies lay a lot of importance on hiring people who are passionate about Social Media and the Internet in general. People who are passionate about the work they do inevitably perform better. To crack Social Media, one needs resources that eat, sleep and drink Social Media. Such talent is recruited in abundance by specialized agencies.

They Dress like Romans in Rome

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc- they all have their own personalities and your brand needs to adapt to these platforms with specific tones and strategies. Agencies know how to represent you on these respective platforms. They read, research, and constantly keep looking for ways to innovate on these various platforms.

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Most agencies have their respective best resources for such platforms and although only one person works on your brand, you actually take advantage of and receive the benefit of the entire agency’s talent.

They Live by a Code

Professional Agencies function in a more structured way. They keep reworking on their internal processes to make their executions the best. Better processes lead to better executions which go on to generate better results. They get the best practices into your social media strategy.

They’ve Been There Done That

Since Social Media is what agencies thrive on day in and day out , their experience is unmatched. With great experience comes great maturity and the know-how of what works and more importantly, what does not. So, why not reap the benefits?

They Know the Rules for Engagement

Agencies know how to engage a user into conversation, even when the start is negative. Social Media is giving way to the new age social CRM and having able hands to deal with them is of prime importance.

They are Rich in Resources

From designs to strategy to tools, they have access to the best in the business. Not just access, but also the knowledge to use it, analyze it and plan accordingly.

They’ve got the Technical Abilities

As mentioned earlier, social media has gone beyond posts and basic contests. Now, all the campaigns are integrated with amazing applications, and it is the social media agencies that have the required technical resources to pull it off.

They See the Bigger Picture

Social Media Agencies these days have realized the need to for innovation and not just maintaining a presence. Instead, they look to constantly take social media to the next level.

You make your business good, let them do your Social good

Social Media is time consuming. It involves constant brainstorming, content creation with curation, monitoring and managing day to day engagement on diverse platforms. With an agency, you get more time to focus on making your business reach its zenith while your agencies do the same on Social Media.

They act Like Your Navaratan Tel (Give you Peace of Mind)

Reliable agencies don’t work like vendors, they work like partners. For them, your brand is nothing less than their own. I can give you with examples of agencies who have embedded the culture of owning up the brand they work for in their executives. Reliable agencies take social media in the most legitimate and ethical way, thus reducing your worry about risks of getting banned or penalized.

Times are changing and the way brands are competing online.

Would sum up with – Social media is not something that is ‘Nice to have, but inessential’ anymore!!!


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