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With’s first ever television advertisement going on air, it was imperative to amplify and reach out to a bigger audience through social media and create the same buzz for the tv ad. The two Twitter activities undertaken to promote this campaign, which revolved around ixigo’s TV commercial demonstrating the peril of 'travelling without knowing,' created a huge splash on Twitter with its hashtag #PattiBandhKe followed by #PattiBandhKeMoment.


  • The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about ixigo’s TVC launch.
  • To harp on the campaign by citing examples of #PattiBandhKe travel moments and asking people to share their blindfolded travel moments.
  • To deepen engagement with followers of on Twitter in a creative manner.
  • Achieve substantial reach for and its new TVC.


  • The initial buzz was created a day prior to the main contest day. 23 tweets were posted on 16th October, 2013 without any hashtag.
  • The contest was spread out over two days, with a slight change in the hashtag on the second day.

Day 1, call to action:

  • Answer the TVC related questions using the hashtag #PattiBandhKe. Tweeple with quick, as well as the most number of right answers become the winner.
  • Posts regarding contest announcement were also uploaded on Facebook and Google Plus (considering ixigo has a huge following on G+, it serves as a great platform in spreading the news and other relevant information).
  • After creating enough awareness about the TVC on day 1, it was time to know about some more #PattiBandhKe travel moments, this time from the fans. Thus m#PattiBandhKeMoments followed.

ixigo #Pattibandhke ixigo #Pattibandhke

Day 2, call to action:

  • Tweet about the #PattiBandhKeMoments, situations good or bad, arising due to unplanned travel.
  • The contest was live for 5 hours, from 3PM to 8PM.
  • During the first 3 hours, the action consisted of picking out the most interesting and engaging tweet every hour, and declaring it the tweet of the hour, along with interesting visuals.
  • These best three tweets were then shortlisted for the final round, which involved getting maximum retweets, RT’s and being favourited.
  • Tweeple with maximum engagement on the visual created by ixigo would win the contest.
  • A bigger draw was the change in ixigo’s profile name to that of the tweeple’s with engaging tweets every hour.

ixigo tweet ixigo tweet


  • Increased buzz around ixigo’s first television commercial in the online space.
  • Demonstrated the peril of 'travelling without knowing' in a quirky and yet, engaging manner.
  • Trending #1 in India for 35 hours.
  • Gained meaningful interaction and followers.
  • The contest garnered 3000+ interactions in just 2 days (within the first 10 hours of the contest).
  • Growth in fan base 150+.
  • Fans' Reaction to the contest being extremely positive.


This two day contest was indeed a big success attracting impressive traction. With interesting and never tried before ‘offerings’ like a mention in the brand’s profile name, the contest turned out to be a clear winner. This was a great way to attract and engage people, apart from the usual prizes.

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