Content is NO MORE the King!


“Content is the King!” – Bill Gates.

I beg to differ with Bill Gates. Yes, I know I am nobody compared to the billionaire philanthropist, but you will know why I disagree with Bill Gates when I’m done.

I would like to start out by saying that Content used to be the King, but not anymore. So what has happened to content now? Let’s take a deep dive into the story of content, and find out.

How did Content become the King?

The answer to the question is pretty simple, if not obvious. Whatever you see on the web (well, everywhere actually) is essentially content. Text, videos, audio, images – you name it, it’s content.

A conversation with your friend? Content.
A funny video? Content.
A meme with a cute cat?
Do you really need me to go on?

I don’t think we need to discuss more on just why content got crowned as the king, especially when it comes to capturing the attention of us laymen or winning the opinion of the Chairman of Microsoft.

Not King

 If content is NOT the king, then…

Although all your digital marketing efforts across platforms like Social Media, SEO, Email, and websites, revolve around content, how you put it to use determines the outcome of your efforts.

Yes, I can see you shoot your hand out to shout ‘Driving sales!’ which is the eventual desired result. However, content is responsible for making sure that it sets the stage for the same.

If your Facebook page and Youtube channel is your court, and your fans and subscribers are the gathering, your content has to play several essential roles in the very functioning of your manor to keep your business, the kingdom running.

This leads to the question:

What is Content supposed to do then?

Content, the Jester

What does the Jester do in a royal court filled with an audience? Amuse them.

Just like a jester, content needs to tell amusing stories that leavea the audience craving for more. And if they enjoy what you have to say to them, it would definitely keep them off from hitting that ‘Unlike’ or ‘Unfollow’ button.

p.s. When I mean entertain or amuse your audience through your content, I am not asking you to keep them giggling all the time! Good content teaches its audience a trick or two, discusses issues on fire, attracts instant attention from the people, and maybe even leaves them deep in thought for a day or two.

Content, the Herald

Heralds were essentially the messengers sent by the monarchs to convey the messages of the court.

Put your content to use in bringing out what you have to say about your product or your service. Talk about the benefits of your product or even the success mantras of your company that keeps you ahead. Give your customers a reason to believe in you and thus, use what you have to offer them.

‘Letters from the CEO’s desk’ or ‘A day in the life of our Official Taster’ can appeal to your audience in ways you can’t imagine!

Content, the Knight

Knight your content to work for your marketing strategy to win you customers and loyalists.

Tell them convincing tales that make an evangelist out of a listener and a customer out of an audience! Bring out your missions, goals and your achievements as brilliant stories and tales. That would definitely compel an audience and hook them.

Content, the Wizard

A wizard is a keeper of secrets who throws a show the likes of which have never been seen before!

‘Exclusive’ is the word. After all, what is the point in reiterating to the audience stories that have been told dozens of times before? This makes you stand out from the crowd and leaves your audience awestruck while they register your brand in the back of their minds.

Now you understand me when I say, content isn’t just the King, but more.

Every court is different in the way it functions and so is every business and every brand. While your content puts on several mantles, make sure you play the role of a rebel innovator while making your content strategy.

At the end of the day, you are one among the millions who witnessed a Belgian martial artist selling trucks better than any ‘sales expert.’ All of that with one simple split.