Social Media Unites To Fulfill A Carpenter’s Half Story: Collects Rs. 9,000 For him


After brightening up the lives of a nomadic shepherd in Dharamsala and school children in Manali by mobilizing support on social media, our DoRighter Pankaj Trivedi continued his journey to find the next of his many #HalfStories.

If you haven’t read up on our previous 2 #HalfStories, allow us to nudge you to read them and about our association with Tata Capital in it’s amazing social initiative called Do Right!

On his way to Guwahati, our Do Righter reached the spiritual town of Rishikesh, where he not only came across peace and tranquility, but also the story of a carpenter whose dedication towards music is a thing to marvel about.

 A Carpenter’s Symphony

Mukesh Dhiman started off as a carpenter before he came across an Australian tourist who taught him the art of making Didgeridoos – a traditional Australian aboriginal musical instrument.

Mukesh Dhiman

Since then, he has devoted his life to his passion for music and spends countless hours making this musical instrument. Crafting each Didgeridoo takes him up to 8 days while the family of 4 lives on just Rs. 400 per day.

But it is his devotion that gives him the strength to move on and this same devotion has led him to master the skills of making the didgeridoo.

Till now, only a few backpackers and tourists were aware about him, his passion and his struggles. But thanks to social media, the story is already spreading like wildfire.

 Fulfilling His Half-story

In order to fulfill his Half-story, Tata Capital set out to raise Rs. 9000 through the awesome platform that social media is. The amount raised would help him acquire tools that will reduce the time taken to craft each Didgeridoo to just one day!

And guess what? The entire amount was raised in no time! It’s just unbelievable to see people on social media unite and help fulfill the needs of people whom they, otherwise,would have never come across!

 But You Can Do More

Well, we’ve already raised the required amount that Mukesh needed. So how about sharing his story with the world? How about telling your friends about this carpenter who has devoted his life to music purely out of passion?

Share this post, the video above or just tweet about Mukesh’s journey towards creating symphony out of simple devotion.

Meanwhile, keep watching this space as our Do Righter moves on to find his next Half Story.