Social Samosa Turns Two!

Social Samosa Turns Two

Two years of churning out content relentlessly.

Two years of spreading knowledge.

Two years of ups and downs.. more of ups though. ;)

Two years of aiming for excellence.

The last 365 days have been electric for us to say the least. The year gone by has given us so much love and affection from you all that we can’t thank you enough for it. Tons of tweets and scores of mails from you have delighted us beyond happiness; and we really really appreciate the faith you have bestowed upon us.

And yes, we did receive our fair share of criticism too; for which we are very thankful. They are the ones who push towards attaining better standards.

A huge Thank You to each and every one of our beloved readers!

Recapping the year gone by…

1] The Team

The madhouse did a +3 in the last year by adding key people who are pushing us to newer heights.

Manveer Malhi – Our Chief Beer Office aka Business Head is now leading our revenue generation.

Apeksha Harihar – Our kickass Content Machine Gun aka Sr. Content Writer

Vishal Trivedi – He’s the new kid on the block. A promising young designer.

2] Events

This was the year where we tested our waters with events, both online and offline.

Social Media Career Q&A Activity: Held in March, the online event saw people asking questions about building a career in social media to our eminent panelists.

Career in Social Media for BMM Students: An offline event held in August where speakers from Google India, Ogilvy and FoxyMoron shared their wisdom with BMM students on building a career in social media.

Social Media Mentoring for Startups: As a startup, we believe in empowering the Startup community, so we helped them with their social media strategy by connecting them with industry leaders over Google Hangouts!

Panel on Negative Practices in The Industry: During Social Media Week, Mumbai, we organized a panel discussion to ponder over various negative practices that are plaguing our industry.

#SSMeetup: This year also saw us holding 3 crazy meetups in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The meetups were fun filled with discussions over food and drinks; and we saw an amazing turnout!

3] Platforms

We also launched several platforms to complement our existing main portal and the jobs site. – This is where we announce our workshops. So keep checking it to ensure you don’t miss out on our future activities. – A listing of brands and their social media profiles. But this is just beta. We have BIG plans going forward with this. – Have a question about Social Media? Feel free to drop by and just ask! – A random 2 AM idea, it’s just a microsite which features some of the most “Facepalm-worthy” quotes from our industry.

What’s In Store for The Future?

Lots of things! Our heads are exploding with tons of ideas and concepts and we will roll them out one by one. For now, we have 2 big announcements to make:

1] Chutney!

The last two years, you have gorged upon 2012 spicy Samosas (this is the 2013th article) churned out by our authors. But that was the business side of the industry. What we realized is that our people also love to have some tanginess along with their spicy Samosas.

Lo & behold,!!

Social media is brimming with lots of coolness that is not entirely business-centric and we want to bring them forth. The content will be interesting and fun. And we promise that the quality of content published here will abide by the same standards of the main blog. So rest assured that you won’t see “10 Cat Videos That Rocked YouTube Last Week” kind of posts.

We already have a bunch published under Chutney, if you spot something interesting happening on Social Media just drop a mail or tweet to us, we will write about it.

A big thanks to Pranay Srinivasan for the idea!

2] Social Samosa Recommends

If we had a penny for every social media campaign that was churned out last year, we’d be opening accounts with Swiss banks. But in all this madness, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? How do you recognize the best campaigns and make sure they get the deserved accolades?

Social Samosa Recommends is the answer. Every campaign that we review will undergo another round of stringent scrutiny to figure out whether the campaign is really path-breaking or not. Only the awesome ones get to be here!

The same goes for Case Studies too. While we publish most of the good case studies that come our way, only the choicest ones will be categorized under Social Samosa Recommends.

These two lists will keep growing. Bookmark them!

A Big Thanks!

As we turn two, we’d like thank a lot of people who have been with us in this wonderful journey.

Our Readers: Have we told you that we love you unconditionally? Thank you so much for reading us, sharing our content and giving valuable feedback.

Our Advertisers: Our sense of achievement is incomplete without you. It’s your dough that has made our Samosas so delicious! Thank you ;)

Our Contributors: A big thanks to all those awesome folks who wrote for us. We simply love the way you write.

Now… Let the Champagne..errr Beer flow!