Agency Spotlight – Flying Cursor Case Study– Standard Chartered’s Good Deed Marathon Case Study

Flying Cursor Good Deed marathon

This is part of our Agency Spotlight where we bring forth agencies who are doing kickass work with their clients and helping them achieve their business goals. For this month, we’d like to showcase Flying Cursor. Read more about the agency here.

Brand Name

Standard Chartered

Agency Name

Flying Cursor

Objectives: Every year, the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon gives thousands of Mumbaikars a chance to do something good. This year, Standard Chartered India, wanted every Mumbaikar to enjoy the same feeling.


A month before the actual marathon, we launched a movement called Good Deed Marathon. Mumbaikars had to do a good deed, or many good deeds. And they could create a chain, by sending it back to us via – #GoodDeedMarathon.

Standard chartered created a GoodDeedMarathon Instagram account, 10 days before we launched, where we told our story visually. We involved the Instagram community to share good deeds they saw around them on a daily basis.

The brand took it further by roping in 5 influential instagrammers who would pick a winning image every day.

The judges proudly carried our badge on their instagram account, and spread curiosity about Good Deed Marathon.

Curiosity on facebook with the launch of the coming soon film and teaser posts were built. The brand then launched the Good Deed Marathon Facebook and mobile app which allowed users to register. The first 2000 people got a starter kit with a good deed marathon band.

Both apps allowed people to submit their good deeds and  displayed what others were doing and saying. Standard Chartered sustained the movement with posts and video content. It was supported with influencers  from various mediums.


The campaign was a huge success and attracted 3007 registrations, 40,454 facebok fans, 2 million impressions and 1.2 million unique reach on Facebook.

The brand managed to get 5157 tweets with total reach of 2.21 million and total impression being 21.15 million from 912 contributors across Twitter.

Thus with the help of a completely well integrated campaign the brand could attract lots of hype and attention before the actual event.