[Report] Social Media Buzz Analysis of Indian Election 2014

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[Report] Social Media Buzz Analysis of Indian Election 2014

With the Social Media increasing foothold in each and every sector, the political scenario of a nation can be largely influenced by the buzz created around social media platform. From Casual networking to business promotions, Social media has revolutionized the way political campaigns and buzz created in this platform is capable enough to influence the poll results.

Simplify 360 has come up with a report Indian Election 2014 Social Media Buzz Analysis. If you like to know more about who are the top 10 politicians and political parties for 2014, social media score and the favorability score in Indian Politics and what has happened after Rahul Gandhi interview and AAP Delhi protest, this report will provide you the best insights. Besides, it offers you a holistic and 360 degree view on current social media buzz of Indian politics. So why not give it a try reading to figure out who has gained the momentum and leverage?

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