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Who are we?

Socioboard Technologies Private Limited has started off with a bang on the social media scene with the launch of its flagship product, “Socioboard”. Socioboard is a next generation social media management application which leverages the handling of umpteen number of social media platforms through a revolutionary open source lite version and higher end versions which have unmatched world class technical support available round the clock.

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The founding team saw the complexities around social media management and decided to give the world its first open source social media management application. Socioboard offers the following values to any business:

  • The objective of Socioboard is to solve the chaos surrounding social media platform management.
  • Most of the applications in this domain have a very narrow and limited approach towards end users and people feel caught up in a whirlpool. Socioboard plans to help users to step out of this vision.
  • World class support would be offered to customers for every help they need with using Socioboard efficiently and effectively.

The Team

Socioboard thrives on a pool of highly knowledgeable and experienced team including:

  • Sumit Ghosh, Founder & CEO – 10+ years of experience in Product Development, Architecture, Planning and Project Management.
  • Alexey Abraham, CTO – 20+ years of software development experience and project management of complex software projects in different countries.
  • Shibani Chavan, Manager, Business Operations – Worked with Open Source Solutions for the last 5+ years; has a vast understanding and experience in managing development teams, overall Operations and Human Resources.
  • Shibu John, Manager, HR and Finance – 10+ years of experience in IT industry, BCA; he brings his immense experience in programming, designing, finance and accounts and human resources to Socioboard.
  • Naresh Verma, Manager, Brand Communications – 13+ years of work experience in language, corporate communications, and branding; he has done his Masters in English Language, Mass Communication, and Management.

What’s in the name?

‘Socioboard’ name was chosen to represent the versatile dashboard and unparalleled functionalities to enable a great social media management experience. Socio can be easily related to socializing and board is essentially the platform, the dashboard from where one can manage all SMM activities.

What we do?

Socioboard makes it easy to keep tabs on social conversations and provides everything you need to efficiently engage your audience.

  • Smart Inbox and Prompt Feeds
  • Advanced Scheduling and Publishing
  • Unique Social Discovery
  • In-depth Analytics and Reports
  • Constant Real-time Monitoring
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Social CRM and Helpdesk Integration
  • Mobile Apps


Socioboard helps you leverage your social media marketing with great features, such as advanced scheduling and publishing tools, prompt news feeds, interactive social discovery, sophisticated analytics, social CRM, help desk integration, collaboration tools, customizable reports and much more.

The dashboard displays activities of your friends such as shares, new messages, events, visited locations to name a few. Content can be put into sections as per date or by events. You can engage with your friends on their activities, like posts, comment and even share them. Socioboard can help you set reminders about tasks related to friends’ updates shared. You can customize analytics to view according to days, groups etc.

Why we do it?

Site Socioboard

We’ll add a testimony here: Deep Majumdar, Manager, MarketMongoose Social offering Social Media Marketing Services to global clients observes, “Most applications in this domain have a very narrow and limited approach towards end users, people feel caught up in a whirlpool of using the same features without customization and scaling up.”

Socioboard plans to help users out of this narrow limiting vision of the current SMM tools and dashboards.

How we evolve?

Socioboard was founded with a vision backed by years of experience and the expertise of the founding team, managing Social Media Campaigns for hundreds of brands. It has a dedicated team working tirelessly to collect customer feedback, test functionalities, enhance features, refine offerings and provide constant support.

Keeping an eye on developments in the domain, being proactive on implementing new features and constant innovation are the hallmarks of Socioboard.

Social responsibility in social media

Socioboard has zero tolerance policy towards spamming and other such activities. We have a highly encrypted API which offers very strong security which assures our users. We constantly monitor the feeds and take care of socially sensitive information entering the system. We respect privacy and adhere to strict privacy policy to safeguard the personal details our prospects and client share with us.

Need of the hour

Broadly speaking, we would take things case by case and handle the violations to privacy policy and terms of use of our application. We understand that networking and social media laws have not been drafted properly yet, so from our experience we believe that a sense of responsibility from users, instilled with clear guidelines and supportive feedback, is the best preventive mechanism we can adopt.

We learned the hard way

We learned the hard way that getting people interested in an open-source application isn’t difficult but sustaining their interest in such an application is. This requires constantly enhancing and demonstrating the value addition offered by the application.

We learned that once a buzz is created sustaining the momentum and delivering every little promise on functionality, interface, customer support etc. becomes extremely critical for the sustainable success and growth of the application.

They work with us

Some of our esteemed clients include:

  • CBME
  • Franchise INDIA
  • Retailers Association of India
  • Mother & Baby
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Inside Fashion
  • FashionUnited
  • eTailingindia
  • Indian Importers Association
  • TCI


Industry as we foresee

Digital Media Marketing has shown immense potential and growth in the last few years. It has, in fact, become a rather prominent tool for reaching out, listening, and as a more engaging tool than traditional media. Social Media is where the customers are. A judicious SMM strategy is imperative for sustained brand building and increased revenues.

Social Media, as a platform to generate sales, is going to explode. And we need to be at the right place at the right time. We are looking to actively engage with partners who share our vision in taking SMM to newer heights.

A day without Internet

A day without internet would be a dull dark day with no connectivity to the world. If one plans to remain aloof, this might sound like a good idea but the truth is that we are rarely disjoint with the world at any point of our existence on this planet.

Businesses run on the internet. Relations are fostered on the internet.Concerns are expressed and resolved on the internet. Instant information is sought on the internet while on go. The internet, no doubt, is the hub today that connects and binds all of us together as a professional, as a friend, as a family member, as a concerned netizen.