Agency Spotlight – Propaganda India’s Client Portfolio

Agency Spotlight Propaganda Client Portfolio

This article is a part of our Agency Spotlight series. This month Propaganda India from Bangalore is the agency in focus. You can find out about their core team. In case you are interested in being a part of Propaganda India then click here.

Priya Jayaram, Co-founder – Propaganda India gives us a sneak peek of their client list and enlightens us on the inner workings and thoughts that led up to exciting and rewarding work for these clients.


“We started working with HDFC Life for all their digital and social mandate since January 2013. One and a half years into this journey, they are the leading financial services player in the social space engaging customers with relevant content in an under penetrated category like Life Insurance.

When you work across the digital footprint of a brand, the mandate is very different. It’s not only about making the brand successful on a platform but also about how to grow business objectives of the brand consistently across paid, owned and earned media while keeping design and a good creative strategy at the heart of it.

Through our journey with HDFC Life, we have worked across launching multiple products like the Smart Woman Plan online, launched their Children’s Plan Online, worked on creating a video presence for all video content, worked on their buying platforms.”

Amazon India

“A large brand like Amazon India works with multiple partners, and we have been consistently working on multiple projects with them from Dec 2013. With an ecommerce giant that’s taken the world over is setting foot to take India over, it’s a huge mandate. Translating that mandate into great creative and work that delivers was the only option!

Some of our display campaigns during the December season were very well received by the market as did our Valentine’s Day campaign #CelebrateEveryLove that was quite a clutter breaker when everyone was blatantly selling products even on a day that celebrated love.”

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Fallback or ‘alternate’ content goes here. This content will only be visible if the SWF fails to load. is a start-up brand in the social gifting space. It has seen huge successes at ComiCon with its excellent gifts for young and multiple anytime gifting ideas. We joined this very young brand in their journey from Oct 2013 and it has been only fabulous since then.

From crafting reasons to gift beyond birthdays to campaign ideas to fun videos for their large comic gifts collection, the journey has only begun. Watch out, here’s a brand that’s becoming a name to reckon with.

As part of their journey, here are a few videos we made for them.”

Google India

“It has been a great and excellent journey working on campaigns with Google India. We have been working with them on multiple projects since Jan 2010, whether it was IPL 2010 on YouTube, or launching the Chrome Fast campaign in India – we have had multiple opportunities and mandates.

The most notable and newest one being creating Display and mobile advertising for the series of Reunion films to help take the message to a much larger user base. The challenge was to make the banners more social.

You can view the banners here.

The response as you all must have seen was phenomenal. Our approach to clients like Google India and all their communication is to stay true to brand and create advertising and communication that makes it feel magical.

We are showcasing an innovative digital lightbox created for this campaign where though one banner we showcased the series of shorts created, with a link for you to try the Search results for yourself. This banner is also featured in the Rich Media Gallery for India here.

In another option, we embedded Social Sharing for the video through the display banner.”